Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Mullet Or Shullet Haircut



 Is it a mullet, a shag, or a shullet?

Forget the blow dry. It’s time to shake and run. The mullet haircut is having a moment. A throwback to the seventies that has been sweeping the collections has surfaced with a modern update. Indeed, the two haircut- haircut has made a statement. From the business look in the front to party in the back  ( Billy Ray Cyrus),the iconic chop has been deconstructed and chipped away.  When you blend the mullet and the shag you get a shullet. Hence, the shullet is a softer, longer, version of the mullet.  The cut is suitable for almost all hair types. Straight, curly, or wavy hair can benefit from the look.  Product is key to give your hair texture.  Straight baby fine hair needs a volumizing product  to give the look texture. Stylists used Judaysia Explode to thicken fine, thin , limp hair and plump it up. Curly and wavy hair were styled with Judaysia Holy Water to eliminate frizz and help define waves and then spritzed with  Judaysia Your Highness to add volume and  eliminate bald looking flat spots.  Available at Judaysia.com