Tuesday, March 09, 2021



Fringes are back with a bang this season. Baby fringe or micro bangs ( the too short bangs you cut yourself when you were a kid) were the seasons beauty standout. At Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu ultra short pixie bangs brought a curious edge to the pretty collections. Before you cut consider starting small. Stay on the fringe with a style that hovers between side swept and full blown bangs. Leave enough length to dust your lashes. Consult your stylist who will be able to shape them to your face. As a general rule, heart-shaped faces suit just about anything, while narrow faces can pull off a fringe that’s ultra-blunt. For a universally flattering style, make it longer on the edges and slightly shorter at the center, like it’s framing the eye line. When you wear a pony this will fill in the space on the sides. Make friends with Judaysia Your Highness. While they may not take hours to style each morning, no matter your hair type, a fringe will require an element of daily coercion.  Just spray on Your Highness and use a blast of heat with a brush and tame all wayward tresses. Available at judaysia.com/your-highness.html

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Want Thicker Fuller Hair?

Thickens fine thin hair

7 years in the making. Results you can see.

Thin and see-through scalp can be stressful.  Yet Thic instantly thickens fine, thin hair. It promotes growth and reduces fallout. Thic strengthens split and broken hair so it can grow longer, stronger, and thicker.  Natural botanicals with hair growth stimulators thicken every strand. Result: thicker hair per square inch. And you will feel and look like you have a full head of thick shiny hair.  It’s a big deal.  Available at judaysia.com/thic or by calling  818-880-4630. Made in the USA