Sunday, August 27, 2017

Charlize Theron Hair Atomic Blonde

The Sauvage
Debbie Harry circa 1980 was the inspiration for Charlize Theron’s hair. The sexy layered bob is making a comeback. Peroxide blonde gives the look texture.  A full bang frames the eye. To keep hair healthy, keep it conditioned with Judaysia Holy Water. The Naturceutical leave in conditioner eliminates frizz and breakage so your hair can grow long and strong. Available at

Monday, August 07, 2017

Haircut For Thin Hair

The New Bob

Every few seasons the bob returns with a fresh update. The short bob was seen from New York to Milan for Fall/ Winter 2017-18. Seen at: Prada, Celine, and Balenciaga, whether parted on the side or in the middle, models’ bobs fell below the chin line and were tucked behind the ears.   To Get The Look: Have your hair cut with Volumtechnics Haircutting. Volumtechnics builds body into fine, thin, and limp hair. Your hair keeps it shape as it grows out making it very low maintenance and easy to style.Contact Judaysia for a Volumtechnics