Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Waves For Fine Hair

Finger Waves

American socialite Millicent Rogers was the inspiration for the waves at Les Copains for the summer season. Heir to the Standard Oil fortune, she wore her hair in deep finger waves molded to the curve surface of the head. To create the look, use Judaysia Thic liberally. Use your index finger to shape your hair into alternate parallel waves.  Use a clip to secure and let them dry. For a softer look, loosely release them. Visit your hairdresser for a wave styling. Call Judaysia for an appointment.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Wigs For Fine Hair

 Easy Change
There is no doubt about it, wigs are back in fashion. From New York to Milan stylists sent models down the runway in wigs galore. Long a staple for entertainers, wigs are now in the main stream. The wig has worked its way out of the closet and onto the street. Seen on women from all walks of life, the wig has been elevated to star status. Lace front wigs once only available to the film and theater industries are now available to us all. They allow the scalp to breathe, keeping your head cool in warm weather. The market has exploded. Now a woman can change her style without committing to cut and color. Wigs are a wonderful way to express yourself. After you purchase your wig take it to your hairdresser to have it cut and styled. Use quality shampoo and styling products and your wig will last for years. Stylists use Judaysia VS Shampoo the gentle formula cleans and freshens without disturbing the style. Just wash, rinse, shape, and dry. Available at