Monday, November 30, 2009

Elin Nordegren Woods

Everyday Hair.
Beautiful with just a pony tail and a bobby pin. Elin Woods wears her hair with a few accessories. Sunglasses and earrings polish off everyday hair.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blake Lively

Get The Look.
Blake Lively’s hair is all the rage. Her cascading waves are long and loose. If your hair is long and layered you can do it yourself. The set is easy. To Get The Look...'s-hairstyle.html

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day Emergency Kit

5 Minute Fix
Judaysia VS Shaper Hairdresser in a Can to reactivate tired hair and pump up the volume.
Rattail comb for teasing and styling.
Judaysia Holy Water to eliminate frizz or reset curls.
Bobby pins to secure hair.
Elastic bands for ponytails.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paris Hilton

Update Your Bob.
Baby fine hair gets a fresh new look with an updated bob. The angled bob is so tired and boring it seems to be the calling card for older women. Give your short hair some new life with a side part, longer fringe and some longer layers. This will make it more versatile and soften your features. It can be worn at any length to flatter your features.Make your hair thicker with Judaysia Thic. Spray on the natural botanical formula and style as usual. Your hair will be thicker and shinier. Available at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crimped Hair

To Wear Right Now.
Sometimes all you need is a small pick me up to take you from one season to the next. Enter the new Burberry felt fedora the perfect accessory to finish off a head of crimped locks. Get the look with a crimping iron. I like the iron that comes with a pair of interchangeable flat plates. You can use the flat plates to set waves, braids and straighten your hair.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dior Hair and Hats

Hats with veils for fall. At Dior the hair was crimped, twisted and piled high on the head. Eyes, lips and eyebrows stood out on porcelain complexions.

Seamed Stockings

John Galliano
By Sarah Mower
For Fall, John Galliano took the collection back to the dove gray salons of the Christian Dior headquarters in the Avenue Montaigne to show almost in the way the clothes were traditionally presented to clients and the press in the 1950's. And to be honest, sans the heart-pounding stress, stadium-size crowds, and general hurly-burly, it was a lovelier, more intimate parade to behold.

Galliano said he'd been inspired by behind-the-scenes documentary photographs taken more than half a century ago as Monsieur Dior dressed his cabine of mannequins for shows. The conceit of half-dressed models informed the collection, so that hip-emphasizing basques, girdles, lace-edged slips, and petticoats were hybridized into brightly colored variations on the classic wasp-waisted silhouette of Dior's New Look. The effects—reworked Bar peplum jackets, draped bubble skirts, padded-hip coats, and full-skirted evening gowns—came punched up with a zinging palette of orange, lime, raspberry, and yellow, contrasted with the pretty flesh tones of fifties under-things. Nothing particularly novel, or even mildly shocking, but Galliano turned that to his advantage. It's a moment when reemphasizing house values is a wise tactical move

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Beauty Makeover

Vicki Rosemont.
My client has lost 30 lbs. We have done a complete makeover. She looks amazing. I multi-shaded her hair with shades of blonde. Then I cut and styled her baby fine hair with my Volumtechnics Haircutting. Vicki is a health and wellness coach. She lost the weight with Isagenix. You can visit her site and purchase the products she used at

Curly Hair

Curl Control.
Whether you want to enhance your curls or thicken your hair Judaysia has a range of products for you.Visit Judaysia at

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christina Hendricks

American Beauty.
The holiday season is approaching. Now is a good time to have some fun with your hair. I get letters from women everyday who cannot style their fine hair. Christina Hendricks has fine hair. As you can see by the photo it is loaded with style. You can style your hair.
Baby fine hair can be beautiful and sexy. It is one of the easiest hair types to style. Volume can be achieved with a good haircut and products. Rollers give hair support and shape. Velcro rollers produce volume. Hot rollers give hair more curl.
To make your hair thicker and give it some weight use Judaysia Thic. It is my number one selling product. It makes your hair thicker and gives it volume. Spray on a small amount to towel dried hair and comb through to the ends. Style your hair as usual or try one of the new sets for the holiday season.
Have your hairdresser teach you some styling techniques. My E-Book How to Style Your Hair shows you step by step how to and the equipment to use. Also my web site has a Hairstyle link and it is filled with information on styling your hair. Please feel free to write me. The contact link is on my web site.
Judaysia Thic and How to Style Your Hair are available at