Thursday, April 30, 2009

French Rolls

French rolls get a modern twist. This season they have gone futuristic. Hair was sectioned in two parts to create the roll that sat on top of and along the back of the head. Sleek sides made way to an off center pompadour roll.
To create the look you can use a style maker chignon. It is made from light weight foam and easy to use. Too see more french roll styles and how to do them read more...

Pretty Feet

Natural Cures.
Are you one of the millions of people suffering from an ingrown toenail? Have you picked up a fungus on your nails from the nail salon or gym?
Here are the natural cures. They take time so be patient. They will work.
The secret to relief from an ingrown toe nail is simple. Take a very small (a little bit bigger than a pin head but not as big as a pea) size of cotton. Make it into a little ball. Take an orange wood stick and slip it under your nail where the ingrown nail is located. If it hurts the cotton ball is too big. Make it smaller. Leave it there. This will allow your nail to grow out. This is much less painful and stressful than going to the doctor.

Too rid your nails of fungus use tea tree oil. This takes patience and dedication. It is really very simple. Apply the tea tree oil to your nail every single day without fail. Rub it into the whole nail; do the base of the nail and under the free edge. Your nail will grow out fungus free. This is a safe and natural alternative to the fungus medicine.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Updo's

Head Turners
Updo's reigned supreme for spring. Elaborate updo's dominated the catwalks. Hair was lifted and low slung into wraps, rolls and braids.To get the look read the full article. More...

Kate Moss

Shoulder Skimming.
Long loose layers skim the shoulder for a soft sexy look. Take a bob and update it.
Easy to maintain. This is a beautiful haircut for Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology. Volumtechnics is a unique haircutting technique that builds body into fine, limp and thin hair. Volumtechnics thickens thin hair. Style it with Judaysia Thic to plump up every strand and make your hair thicker. Available at Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology by Judaysia. Malibu Ca.

Short Hair

The sides and back of this cut are extremely short. All the length is on top. The length can cover the short hair for a bob effect. It can also be worn slicked back or in a top knot. Good for all hair types. Style with Judaysia Mousse. Available at

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bobby Pins

Dior's black, gold and red bobby pins.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Flattering Your Face Shape

Face Tips
Everyone has a different face shape.Your face may be long or heart shaped. It could be round or very square. The length of your hair can disguise or flatter your face.
Some women have wide set eyes, a prominent nose or a long neck. A hairstyle can hide your flaws and enhance your appearance. Find out what works best for you.
Read the full article. More...

Hair Color For Men

Wash away the grey.
Men want to look younger. The trend is about men coloring their hair. Women have been reaping the benefits of hair color through the ages. Now the tables have turned and men want their fair share. One of the greatest benefits of hair color is it can make your hair look thicker. Thin limp locks can become fuller and shinier making men look younger.
Hair color gives life to grey hair. It actually softens coarse grey hair and makes it easier to manage.
The right shade can give life to a tired complexion.
Studies have shown hair color keeps men vital well into their twilight years.
Men should have their hair tinted at the salon. If you have grey facial hair it can be tinted as well.