Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hair Loss

Build Up.
When you let oil build up on your scalp from product or from oily scalp (not washing your hair daily) even clarifying shampoo will have a hard time removing the oil. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everyday Hair

Get a Grip.
Bobby pins take center stage for fall.  Let them show.  Bobby pins are a wonderful accessory. I can't imagine life without  them. For fall the bigger the better.
The metal pins are the  cure for a bad hair day and bothersome bangs growing out. Use them to hold your hat on.
Style your hair with bobby pins. They will hold a chignon, a french twist and braids. Set your hair with pin curls to give your hair a soft sexy wave. 
 I love the look at right.  The sleek side part held in place with colored bobby pins.
Keep your hair soft and shiny with Judaysia Holy Water. The ginseng infused  herbs strengthen fine, limp and thin hair so it can grow thicker and stronger. Judaysia Holy Water eliminates frizz and breakage. Use it  with bobby pins to get beach waves.  Available at fine stores and salons.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hair For Fall

They trend for fall is dark rich hair color. Shades of coffee and ebony were seen on the runway. If you are considering a darker hair color, try on some hairpieces to see if it is right for you. Dark hair can be very aging.  If your hair is grey, the new growth will  need to be touched up more often.
 I like to see dark rich colors when they are shaded naturally through the hair. Shading keeps color from building up.
This is the time to try some layers. Shag out a boring bob.