Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short Hair Trend

Trending Now: Gamine
The impish short hair on Hollywood celebs looks very dated at the moment. Short hair really does not look good on everyone. While shorter locks certainly can give you a new  look they are best when the snips flatters the features.
 Short hair can be fun and sexy when it is cut into a soft messy look. Anne Heche wore it best when she started to grow out into  a modern messy haircut. The cut made her look soft and feminine.
If you are looking to shorter lengths  to give you a new twist then give your hair some length so it can move.  Jean Seberg and Mia Farrow had style with those flat pixie close cropped cuts. Today, those cuts need an update because lifestyle and fashion have moved into a new century.
Short hair gives the face full exposure. Eyebrows need an update as well. Thicker brows soften the eyes. Longer lengths soften edges,slim the face and take the focus off  an aging neck.