Monday, March 31, 2008

Katie Holmes Curly Bob

Curling Up
Katie has given her bob a new twist. It is fun to curl your hair.Any length can be waved. Tori Spelling has also given her hair some gentle movement. A wonderful way to give your self a new look. Quick and easy. If you would like to style your hair like Katie's I have put the instructions on my web site.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Products For Thicker Hair

Judaysia Holy Water
Paraben Free Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo
Judaysia Bull Moose Mousse
Paraben Free Judaysia VS Shaper Hairdresser In A Can
Paraben Free Judaysia Thic
Paraben Free Judaysia Beard and Moustache Wash
Voltech Hair Salad

Judaysia has produced and is constantly evolving one of the most natural and environmentally friendly hair care lines.
The entire line is formulated from flowers, herbs and vitamins to restore and thicken hair. Panax ginseng, golden seal and chamomile nourish the hair and scalp. When combined with natural flowers and vitamins they thicken and volumize the hair. Cherry bark and natural henna shine the hair.
Judaysia has mastered making a product without damaging chemicals, that leaves the hair shiny, thicker and clean without build-up. Her products have a delicious smell, clean easy on the senses. They leave no residuals in the hair to interfere with fragrance.
Judaysia makes her formulas in small batches so she can offer quality to her clients. Because they are made with natural herbs and flowers, it is a good idea to stock up. Sometimes the herbs or flowers are out of season and it can halt production.
“When I began I was cutting rock stars hair. I was using panax ginseng and mixing it with aloe and assorted herbs to restore their burnt out locks. My ingredients were so expensive because I was buying them at the local health food store. When I came to L.A. I found a botanist who led me to a chemist and we have been evolving the line.”

Judaysia is the creator of Volumtechnics, the art and science of cutting volume and thickening the hair. She has a private clientele. Receive a free How To Style Your Hair E-book when you purchase four or more products. Web only. Available at

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Head Turner: Wendy Brandes

The Return Of Glamour

Beautiful New York Jewelry Designer Wendy Brandes takes us into the world of high fashion. She has the look of the season brunette hair and red hot lips.
Add on hairpieces make her smouldering in Versace. Ponytails can be worn with a braid or made into a chignon. Clip on hairpieces can make your hair fuller.
Longer pieces can be styled into a french twist. The trick is to be creative and have fun with them. Ask your hairdresser to style your hair with one for a night out. Wendy is a knockout. Her hairpieces make her sexy and sophisticated . Earrings by Wendy Brandes available at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tori Spelling

Fine Hair Bob
Baby fine hair has been shaped into a messy bob. Updated with a deep side part. The color gives her hair more body. The length balances with her face and body shape. This hair cut will make thin hair thicker. Style it with Judaysia Thic to make the diameter of the hair shaft thicker. Available at

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob Jawline

This version of the bob is being worn by so many women. It is cropping up on every face shape, body size and age.Women like to wear the latest look,and that's a good thing. When considering the cut look at your face. A short layered back shows your neck and jawline. It can make your neck look big. A severe line at the chin will draw the eye right to it. If you have any sign of age at your chin line like jowls they will stick out and become the focal point of your face. If you have a double chin it will become the focal point. Geometric lines at the jaw widen the face.
They key is to take the trend and adapt it for you. A hairdresser with an artful eye will suggest what is right for your face. They will know what length slims and softens. They will use a current method of cutting. Hair cut in the old precision method looks dated. Even though an old look emerges again it is cut in a new way. Styling tools have changed and so have products. Make sure your haircut looks good on you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thicker Hair

Three Easy Steps
Thin baby fine hair can become thicker and fuller. We are living in an age where today’s hairstyles compliment thin hair women. Fine hair has been brought into the limelight by celebrities and top fashion models.
You can make your hair thicker and fuller by following these 3 easy steps.
The first and most important step is a great haircut. A good cut can stand on its own. It makes styling easy. Expert haircutting allows the hair to grow out and hold its shape, making it easy to move from one style to the next. Hair cut by a master stylist with a veil of layers over thickened edges is one way to achieve thicker hair. Distributing the weight through out the hair by strategic layering is another. Layers should never be cut too short. In fact, extremely short hair will not produce any volume and it can cause the scalp to show through.
A bob is a good place to start. It can be cut in a variety of ways. The idea is to produce volume where it is needed to compliment the face.
The second step is product. Product has come a long way. Using hair care derived from natural, herbs, flowers and vitamins nourish the hair and scalp. Products made in small batches from hairdressers offer quality to the consumer. If you have thin hair using a specialty shampoo and thickening spray will make all the difference in how your hair rejuvenates itself. You want to use products that wash out of the hair leaving it full and shiny. If you have really thin hair you will thicken it by using a styling product to fatten the diameter.
The third step is styling. Learn to style your hair. The blow dryer is easy to use. Velcro rollers and clips make styling a snap. Purchase a book on styling and go through the steps. The more you do it the easier and faster it becomes. Styling your hair can make you look younger and thinner. It brings your style into the new age.
Have fun with your hair. Try new things. To learn more visit Judaysia is the author of Style Your Hair.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring 08 Hair For Busy Moms

The bob is cropping up all over the place. I call this look an Everday Bob. It is short and layered. I read a post at Style For The Stay At Home Mom about women not having enough time to take care of their hair. This look takes no time at all to style. It is all in the cut. So are the short hair cuts on my previous post. You could let this dry with a baby on your lap. If your hair is limp use some product and fluff it with your fingers as it drys. I have written a book How To Style Your Hair. It is full of quick and easy ways to do your hair. As you can see by the picture this bob is effortless. It would look great with jeans or a dress. This haircut requires going to the hairdresser to have a good cut every couple of months. The rest is easy. How To Style Your Hair is available at

Spring Hair Short

Long on top. Anja Rubnik and Agyness Deyn set the trend for Spring 08 Short hair. Hair is cut very short in back with length on top. Low maintenance, easy to do. Straight hair can be blown dry or left to dry on it's own. Use Judaysia Mousse for extra body. If your hair is thin use Judaysia Thic to double the diameter. Available at

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Trends

Colours and Styles
Spring colours are pretty, subtle and natural. Brunettes are in tones of dark cocoa,and truffle brown. For blondes think beige with thin highlights of coral and strawberry.
Updo's range from ornate buns, oversized chignons,messy knots and sleek ponytails.
Texture from disheveled, to loose corkscrew curls and braiding.
Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles. Try braiding your hair, it can be fun and stylish.