Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gretchen Mol

Waves and Body.
Adding volume to fine hair makes it look thicker. Soft waves make fine hair sexy. Long layers worn above the shoulders with gentle waves give hair movement. Layers allow the waves to open up and take shape without being stiff.
Conditioning your hair with Judaysia Hair Salad will make your waves bounce. It gives your hair elasticity so it can stretch and bend without breaking. The more elastic your hair is, the easier it is to grow and become thicker. JHS makes your hair thicker because it gives your hair elasticity.
Keep your ends trimmed. See your hairdresser on a regular basis to keep your hair well groomed.

Get Thicker Hair

Happy New Year.
The new year is good time to get a new look. Long hair gets layered.
Long layers have so much versatility. Your layers can be blown dry and thickened with Judaysia VS Shaper. Just blow your hair dry with a big round boar bristle brush or a paddle brush then spray Judaysia VS Shaper throughout your hair and fluff with your fingers. Hairdresser in a can. Click here to buy
Judaysia VS Shaper

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Angelina Jolie

Glamorous hair for the season. Long hair is easy to do. Add a hair piece if your hair is shorter. You will need bobby pins, Judaysia VS Shaper Hairspray and a rat tail comb. To get the look follow these easy steps...

Natalie Portman

Holiday Hair.
This is the time of year to dress up your hair. Soft waves are easy to do. You can use a big barrel curling iron or set your hair with big pin curls.
For a party or special event treat yourself by going to your hairdresser. Have your hair styled. Book yourself a manicure and have a mini beauty hour.
My e-book Make Your Hair Sexy in 15 Minutes comes with a FREE video. It is a step-by-step easy pin curl set for long loose waves. This is a must have for the girl who does her own hair. It is a great gift for the woman looking to attract a new man. Available at judaysia.com/products.html

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Making Thin Hair Thicker

How To.
There are ways to make thin hair thicker. I can tell you what results my clients have had. I learn a lot from them and together we have seen broken, thin see thru hair become thicker, shinier and longer.
The first thing to do is to find a hairdresser who is not scissor happy. By that I mean someone who will not cut your hair really short. Hair should be volumized. I use my Volumtechnic Haircutting Techniques. Volumtechnics promotes length and thicker hair.
Have your hair shaped. This will ensure it will look good without a lot of work.
The next step is really important. Condition your hair. Women do not condition there hair because they say it makes it limp. A good conditioner will actually give your hair body and volume. I use Judaysia Hair Salad. My clients and I use it every time we wash our hair. Hair Salad repairs split ends. It gives hair elasticity so it can bend and stretch without breaking. Our hair has so much shine and body. It is the single most product to help repair your hair so it can grow.
Another step would be to stop using the curling iron and straightening iron. The intense heat burns the cuticle. If you can use the blow dryer to dry your hair without a brush you will be on your way to thicker hair. A good hair dresser can show you ways to set and style your hair. I teach my clients how to use pin curl clips and easy out rollers.
Do not use plastic or wire bristle brushes. Use boar. They close the cuticle and shine the hair.
Always use shaper sprays. I like Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper spray. It is formulated with ginseng and sage. Shaper sprays are fast drying sprays. They are the work horses of products. They set and style the hair and do not dry it out. Wet sprays in pump gum up the hair, make it sticky and stiff and make the hair brittle.
These are a few tips to help you. Please write me .
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taylor Swift

Long straight hair with bangs. Bangs are long between the brow and the lash. You can use a flat iron to get the look. If your hair is short add on some clip in extensions. Straight hair is a refreshing change. Dress up your look for the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lara Stone

Long Hair.
Long, messy hair is easy to care for. Visit your hairdresser on a regular basis,even if it is every three months. Keep it well groomed and conditioned. Use Judaysia Hair Salad to keep it elastic and healthy. Available at judaysia.com/hair-salad.html

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Everyday Hair.
Modern fun hair to wear with jeans, a dress or on a special night out.Creating a sexy bouffant is easy. You will need some bobby or hair pins, a rat tail comb and some Judaysia VS Shaper Hair Spray.Get the look

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blow Drying Hair

Crowning Glory.
The season's best hair is bouncy and abundant, shining with health and touchable texture. Judaysia is all about thicker, healthy hair. She says to nourish your hair with Judaysia Hair Salad to give your hair elasticity, shine and keep it frizz free. For all out volume and thicker hair she recommends using Judaysia Thic with Judaysia Mousse on damp hair before blow drying with a big round brush, lifting at the roots as you go. Back comb the roots for added oomph. Finish with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray. Products available judaysia.com/products

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Setting Your Hair

Using Velcro Rollers.

After shampooing your hair with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo towel dry and spray on Judaysia Thic or Judaysia Explode. Comb through to the ends. Blow dry your hair.
Velcro rollers work best if you use them right at the point your hair is dry. Wet hair does not set. This eliminates rolling your hair and waiting for it to dry. Besides that is not the look of today. We are not doing a wet set. We are achieving volume and lift.

The rule on the amount of hair to use the size of your parting is never make it wider than your roller. So if your roller is two inches wide that is the width of your section.
Start in the crown and roll your hair from the ends to the scalp. Look at the set above. The roller in front of the crown goes to the side. Roll the sides and back down.

This is a basic set.

Secret to the set.

Now here is the secret to the set. After your hair is set spray it with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper Spray Hairdresser In a Can. This is the ultimate setting spray. It achieves incredible volume, like having me to finish your hair.
Judaysia VS Shaper is a micro-fine spray the working spray. It is not a wet spray. It sets the hair with memory hold and makes styling your hair easy.
Just spray on Judaysia Shaper and use your blow dryer to heat up the rollers.
You can leave your hair up 10 minutes while you get dressed and put on your make-up or leave it up longer if it is a special occasion. Keep using your dryer intermittently.


Remove the rollers and fluff your hair out with your hands.
Spray it again with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray.Your hair will hold all day.

Judaysia VS Shaper, Judaysia Thic and Judaysia Explode are available at


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Make your Sexy in 15 Minutes. This is a set to create sexy hair in minutes.Type in code MYHS15-B in the Pay Pal message box and I will send you the link .

Using Velcro Rollers

Volume, volume, volume.

Achieving volume with velcro rollers is easy and fun. It only takes a few minutes to set your hair and the effects last all day.
There are many different brands of velcro rollers. One of my favorites is called Easy Out. They are available in the drugstore. They are
easy on the hair and do not pull out the strands like some of the other brands. The beauty supply stores have velcro rollers and they are available on line.
Velcro rollers come in all sizes. The length of your hair will help you choose a size. Longer hair with long layers will get lift and volume from large rollers. Waves and soft curls can be achieved by using a smaller size. Shorter hair needs a smaller roller. The rule of thumb is the roller needs to go around the strand two and a half times for a set. If you hair is short and you just want a little lift then one time around is enough. Buy an assortment of sizes. They last forever.
You can clean them by washing them in warm shampoo water and then rinsing. Let them dry on a towel.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana

Head Bands.
Easy every day hair. Pull your hair back,pin it up and put on a head band. From Dolce and Gabbana. Black lace top. Black head band. Black nail polish and eyeliner.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kate Moss

Everyday Hair.
Hair in a hurry. In just about five minutes you can put your hair up in a messy updo. You will need a rattail comb, some bobby pins and Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper Spray Hairdresser In A Can. It is easy and simple. Get the look...

Shag Cut

Rock and Roll.
Lots of layers. Hair is pumped up with volume. Bangs are left long to fall between the lash and the brow. Mess your hair up and give it some volume with Judaysia Explode. The all natural way to have thicker fuller hair. Available at Judaysia.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volumizing Fine Hair

Fine hair is easy to volumize and make thicker. A good sound structure builds body into the hair. Hair that is cut too short will not have enough weight to make the hair thicker.Volumtechnics makes fine, thin hair thicker. Volumtechnics gives hair shape. This allows hair to grow longer and hold it's shape. Hair that is thin on top can look and feel thicker. Any type of cut can be worn, it does not have to be a blunt cut. Blunt cut hair puts all the weight at the bottom. Volumtechnics distributes the weight. Your fine, thin, limp hair can be thicker and shapely with Volumtechnics.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Product Rep. Needed

Judaysia Hair Care.
I am currently looking for a sales person to rep my line. If you are a hairdresser and you are looking to use and or sell a new product let me know. If you are a rep. looking to add a new product to your line let me know. Please contact me at judaysia@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chrissie Hynde

Rock Chic.
Hairstyles for women over fifty.
It's all about style. Chrissie Hynde wears her hair layered with a brow skimming bang.
You can have style at any age.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Judaysia Loves...
From Echo Park, Ca. the "ghetto tech" sound of Warpaint.
Their look is stylishly disheveled. Bold and naughty. Check out Warpaint.

Face For Fall

Shadow and Highlight.
Cheek bones define autumn's elegant new face. Suck in your cheeks and shadow. Don't forget the jaw line.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Annette Benning

Short Hair.
Choppy short hair looks good on Annette. She can wear her hair any length. The color gives it added texture.
Use a good conditioner to keep your hair from being dry and brittle. Judaysia Hair Salad restores dry stressed hair and eliminates split ends. Available at http://judaysia.com/products.html