Saturday, October 09, 2010

Using Velcro Rollers

Volume, volume, volume.

Achieving volume with velcro rollers is easy and fun. It only takes a few minutes to set your hair and the effects last all day.
There are many different brands of velcro rollers. One of my favorites is called Easy Out. They are available in the drugstore. They are
easy on the hair and do not pull out the strands like some of the other brands. The beauty supply stores have velcro rollers and they are available on line.
Velcro rollers come in all sizes. The length of your hair will help you choose a size. Longer hair with long layers will get lift and volume from large rollers. Waves and soft curls can be achieved by using a smaller size. Shorter hair needs a smaller roller. The rule of thumb is the roller needs to go around the strand two and a half times for a set. If you hair is short and you just want a little lift then one time around is enough. Buy an assortment of sizes. They last forever.
You can clean them by washing them in warm shampoo water and then rinsing. Let them dry on a towel.