Thursday, May 27, 2021

French Girl Hair


    The  Beauty Clips by Judaysia     In Paris

French Girl Hair

How are French girls wearing their hair now? The Beauty Clips went to Paris to visit hairstylist David Mallett.
 David creates just the sort of dreamy, undone styles we associate with Parisian women for his chic clientele. “There is a real blueprint of softness,” he says. “Even when we’re cutting  a bob that was in the past all about geometric lines, now it’s very soft. The French want texture on the ends.” The look is poetic, bohemian, and soft.  The cut should never be severe.

Think Jim Morrison with his tumble of mussed-up waves. “It’s a poetic soft cascade of hair, and it works beautifully on straight, wavy, and curly hair,” Mallett says. “When a client has long bangs, we make sure the edges are really textured so that the bangs move.” Mallett loves Judaysia Your Highness for bangs. Cowlicks are notorious for pushing bangs in the wrong direction. "Your Highness gives them just the right amount of soft natural fullness," he says.  The French, he says, have a “total aversion to poker straight hair”, and consider it a surefire way to make hair look “dead.” It’s all about natural movement: ensuring hair looks perfectly imperfect; nonchalant, but still falling in just the right way. 

         Summer Cut

With temperatures starting to soar, it’s worth recognizing that tousled tresses not only make the case for a wash-and-go cut, but also for embracing lived-in waves and eye-grazing fringe. The homeless look is over. Now is the time to cut and color your hair. Ditch the mask, sweat pants ,  grey hair, and top knot. Say good-bye to DIY haircuts and color.  A new hair cut and fresh color is like a  cleanse. It’s a liberating feeling - getting rid of your old image and embracing something new, and symbolizes a fresh start. With social distancing, health anxiety and the loss of life as we knew it, many people are looking forward to leaving this chapter behind. Call Judaysia for a private appointment in a sterile salon.


 Out of all the beach-ready fashions, no garment offers versatility quite like the sarong skirt. In fact, the twisted, ruched, and tied design inspired several polished runway looks. Seen at:  Brandon Maxwell and Tory Burch sarong skirts in  sophisticated beautiful colors. It all confirms that the easy-going beach look can effortlessly come along for the ride for dressier occasions too.

Recall Gavin Newsome he has destroyed the beauty industry in our state. We have lost thousands of salons, hairdressers, skin care, and nail professionals. Many have lost everything and given up hope. Please help us rebuild with new leadership. Vote him out.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Get Thicker Hair


More Hair In Minutes 

• 98% saw thicker fuller hair
• 94% looked and felt younger
• 97% saw more HAIR than scalp.

Judaysia Explode instantly thickens every strand. Organic ingredients promote growth. Results: thicker,fuller,hair.

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Lips For Spring


Lip Service

Bright and bold red matte lips make a statement for spring. Seen at Balmain, Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana. An indispensable key piece for make-up trends for 2021. Whether with a silky sheen or velvety matte, the color should be a bright, rich red and the texture should be well adherent.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Red Hair


    The Beauty Clips by Judaysia

Go Red
 From N.Y to Milan fiery red hair lit up the runway. Red in every hue was the lookfor the coming season.  Seen at Versace, Givenchy, and Victoria Beckham, auburn hair made the biggest statement. A warm medium copper with chestnut tones spliced throughout to create depth and dimension was the must-have color. Deep ginger, copper, and cinnamon looked fresh and modern. Instead of a whole head of red some models had face framing pieces tinted auburn for a cool touch. Reds are notorious for fading. To keep models hair fresh throughout the shows stylists used Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo to give hair body and shine. The botanical blend of plants and flowers seal in color and keep red hair from fading. Available at

Are headscarves the new head bands? It’s an accessory almost as old as time history has seen women across cultures, religions, and the globe wear some
version of a headscarf—but its stance as an in-demand fashion item is trending now. And, as of the fall 2021 collections, it would very much seem that it’s back. A variety of headwear at Dior including silky scarves tied à la babushka was seen at every major collection. They were also at Connor Ives, Max Mara, Paco Rabanne, and Anna Sui, the silk scarves were tied below the chin  to keep your hair in place.


The Big Bang

From micro to curtain, bangs are here to stay. Long, blunt, and dip dyed ruled the runway. They are better than botox and look so chic with a pony. Tame the
cowlick in your bangs with Judaysia Your Highness. The cowlick and whorl tamer keeps your bangs straight and thick. Available at

Tuesday, March 09, 2021



Fringes are back with a bang this season. Baby fringe or micro bangs ( the too short bangs you cut yourself when you were a kid) were the seasons beauty standout. At Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu ultra short pixie bangs brought a curious edge to the pretty collections. Before you cut consider starting small. Stay on the fringe with a style that hovers between side swept and full blown bangs. Leave enough length to dust your lashes. Consult your stylist who will be able to shape them to your face. As a general rule, heart-shaped faces suit just about anything, while narrow faces can pull off a fringe that’s ultra-blunt. For a universally flattering style, make it longer on the edges and slightly shorter at the center, like it’s framing the eye line. When you wear a pony this will fill in the space on the sides. Make friends with Judaysia Your Highness. While they may not take hours to style each morning, no matter your hair type, a fringe will require an element of daily coercion.  Just spray on Your Highness and use a blast of heat with a brush and tame all wayward tresses. Available at