Friday, January 29, 2021

Shag Haircut For Spring 2021


 Just Shake It

Heavenly layered shags and curtain bangs took center stage from New York to Milan for Spring 2021. The low maintenance chop (when it is well done), compliments the head and proportions the body to look thinner and balance the hips. Any hair texture or length can accommodate layered locks. Curly and wavy hair are free to move making styling a snap. Layers are cut from short to long creating freedom of movement. Just Shake It and go with Judaysia Explode. The extreme volumizer thickens every strand without being sticky or stiff. As an added bonus Explode is formulated with secret natural fatty acids for hair growth. Hair is about self-expression,self-care, and beauty.  Call for an appointment for a Volumtechnics Shag Haircut 818-880-4630 and visit to buy products. Three products ship for Free.