Monday, July 31, 2023

Thicker Hair


                        The Beauty Clips by Judaysia   

Return to Glamour

What does Pam, Cindy and Kate have in common? They all have volume, volume, volume.
Chanel took over Paramount Studios in Los Angeles for their Resort 2024 collection. The French fashion house drew inspiration from the 90’s with voluminous hair and sun kissed make-up. A return to feminine with full bodied hair is on the rise.Long beautiful hair with volume was the ultimate in luxury and glamour. Pam Anderson, Cindy Crawford and Kate Middleton have set the bar for full sexy hair.  With the return to volume a new generation is discovering rollers.
When using rollers, a little preparation goes a long way. You can use rollers on dry or damp hair, depending on how much time you have to work with, by incorporating a few products into your rolling regime it will help guarantee maximum hold, glossiness and longevity. Stylist used Velcro rollers to achieve the look. The bigger the roller the bigger the volume. To achieve volume in your hair, follow these steps. On freshly washed and towel dried hair stylist applied Judaysia Mousse and combed it through the hair to give the hair exceptional body without being sticky or stiff. Next Judaysia Your Highness was sprayed onto the crown for extra thickness and to eliminate the bald looking flat spot in the back of the crown. Blow dry- when dry to the touch start rolling from the top down. Use your blow dryer to heat up the rollers. Let your hair set for about 30 minutes. Remove rollers and fluff. Finish with Judaysia VS Volumizing Spray for all day memory hold. Available at  3 Products ship for Free.