Saturday, March 12, 2011


Heavenly. Christian Louboutin fur, crystal and leather mule.

Nail Fetish

Long tapered Tom Ford Nails. Custom mixed scarlet nail varnish. Seen on the runway at Ungaro.

Guido Palau

Hair Helmet.
Fashioned from 100 Goody silver and black metallic barrettes. Available at drugstores every where.

Hair For Fall 2011

Razor cut wispy sideburns will give a new look to pulled back hair. At Valentino hair was parted in the middle, backcombed at the crown for added height and held in place with a head band. Sideburns were razor cut for a wispy effect. A good look for everyday hair.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whitney Port

California Girl.
The beautiful laid back style of Whitney Port is so Malibu. Her highlighted golden hair with super loose waves looks sexy, sweet and innocent all at the same time. Long layers give her hair movement and volume.
Use Judaysia Thic to make your hair thicker and give it some shine. Blow dry your hair.Create the look with a big barrel iron to bend the curls. Separate the waves with your fingers.Spray them to set with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper Spray. It is like having me in the can.
For hair that simply will not hold any curl the new Voltech Voluperm is a keratin based naturceutical wave that could actually change your hair texture for the better. Some of the Voltech Voluperms are so soft and free of frizz they make the hair thicker, fuller and most of all they feel so natural.
L.A. has it's own style and I am blessed to be here. L.A. women are the most beautiful women in the world. They have style. They take care of their hair.I love Malibu it is my home.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Your Hairdresser

The Importance of Having a Hairdresser.
Everyone deserves to have someone take care of their hair. Having a hairdresser is a personal luxury everyone can afford. They are in every price range.
Fabulous looking hair is one of our most important accessories. It is always with us so visiting your hairdresser on a regular basis should be a part of your personal grooming regime.
A good hairdresser will give you a look.
When you hair is properly cut and colored everything else becomes easier.
It’s rare to find a hairdresser you can communicate with and one who takes an interest in your look. When you do, be thankful. Do not take your hairdresser for granted. Show up on time for your appointments. If you need to cancel do so within twenty four hours, so your stylist can fill the spot. Always tip your stylist and remember them at Christmas. When someone is giving you a personal service it is good manners to be kind and courteous.
Treat yourself with beautiful hair products. Use Judaysia.
Remember your stylist is thankful for you and wants you to look and feel good.