Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Polished and practical. Perfect for a night out or special occassion. It's a classic graphic look that doesn't compete with a detailed neckline. This really makes a statement all on it's own. If your hair is long you can easily do this look. If you do not have the length use a hairpiece.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The New French Twist

Today's french twist takes minutes to do. Seen on the runway at Derek Lam for fall 08.Hair is backcombed and sprayed. Then it is twisted into the center and held with pins. The twist has been adorned with a large bow. The look takes only minutes to do. It can be done on medium and long length hair. I like to use Judaysia VS Shaper Spray Hairdresser In A Can. It does all the work. Available at

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hairstyles To Look Thinner

Easy! Fast!
It is so easy to make yourself look thinner and younger with a new hairstyle. It makes all the difference. Your hair is your most important accessory. Your face ,neck, and body can look pounds thinner. Learn how to do your hair. When you know what to do and what tools to use it makes it so easy to style your hair and look beautiful. It only takes minutes to style your hair. Busy mom's will find they can do their hair with a baby on their lap. Working women can do thier hair in a flash and see how to freshen it up for the evening.

Experience the results women around the world are by reading and applying what they have learned from Style Your Hair. Here are just a few comments that have been written to me.

“After receiving Judaysia’s outstanding book, I applied what I had learned to my hair and was amazed when I walked down the stairs after getting ready to go out to dinner with my husband. He just could not get over how I looked. He said I looked 10 years younger and 15lbs. lighter. What a shock. He had not commented on my looks in years, but you know I felt it, too. Surprisingly we never made it out of the house for that dinner.” Lori, New York City

“I bought Judaysia’s book online on Tuesday. I read it cover to cover and the next day styled my hair with her suggestions. Walla, when I met my girlfriends for lunch they accused me of having an affair. They said I never looked better and what diet had I been on? I feel great the comments are wonderful. I had to share my secret with them, Judaysia’s book Style Your Hair. They have all purchased it and are having tremendous results. All of us want to thank you Judaysia you have changed our lives.” The girls in Vancouver

“I saw this book when I was purchasing my favorite product Judaysia Beard and Moustache Wash for men. I decided to buy this book for my wife; she had just had our third child and was not feeling good about herself. It was the best thing I ever did. She has learned to style her hair and looks beautiful. She looks years younger like she did when I first met her. She loves all the ways she can wear her hair. She is starting to make me jealous all my male friends keep saying how sexy she is. No more Monday night football at my house.” John in Baltimore

Style Your Hair by Judaysia is available at

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hair Special: Brunette

Brunette has always been eclipsed by its fairer cousin the blonde until now. Celebrity inspiration has seen it reborn as an edgy sought after shade. Brunettes are finally getting their time in the spot light. A beautiful brunette is not flat, its rich and it has depth. That’s what celebrities are doing, they are showing people there are so many shades to dark hair. You can still have multi-shaded hair as a brunette just as you can as a blonde. You can have neutral cool and warm colors that go through brunettes, it doesn’t have to be a flat color at all.
The multi toned approach is perfect for those who crave a subtle change. The hair can be shaded with hues of honey, gold, strawberry and carmel for a lightening effect. Small pencil thin strands can be added randomly through out the hair. Low-light tones such as chestnut, oak and coffee give the brunette depth and complexity along with worry free grow out. It allows you to go darker gradually. If you are wanting to go dark put low lights of color through your hair. An edgier look can be achieved with darker shades of color. If you choose to do it yourself try a semi permanent color that lasts six to ten washes. There are tone on tone colors that last longer. You can choose from a wide range of color.
Perceptions of the shade itself seem to be shifting. Once a conservative classy color, brown is becoming bold, seductive and downright sexy. Brunette does not have the dowdy image it use to have. When you incorporate tones of dark into someone’s hair, it makes it look richer and more desirable.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Roll With It
Healthy hair that swings and moves has become the new luxury.If you thought rollers were a thing of the past think again. They are the one tool everyone needs for a modern hairstyle. Skinny straight hair has become "very pedestrian".
Smooth soft waves have taken it's place. A quick set with rollers disguises a multitude of sins. It makes dry tortured hair look soft. The size of the roller determines your set. If you are after a straighter look with volume you want to use big rollers. If you want a more wavier look then use medium or small rollers. Working with rollers is easier than you think. You can set your hair in minutes. No matter if your hair is parted in the center or on the side always wind your rollers back. You will get volume at the roots. To see how to use rollers refer to Style Your Hair by Judaysia. My new book teaches you haow to place rollers for volume, waves or a smooth sleek look. It is available as an e-book from

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chanel Spring 08

Big Hair
Claudia Schiffer's hair is teased and full of messy volume. Her hair was curled then it was teased and sprayed. This is the first look at Karl Lagerfelds inspiration from Amy Winehouse.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse

Style Icon
A breath of fresh air in politically correct times. Modern day beehive. Thick cat eye liner. Amy's hair is teased and loaded with extensions. Karl Lagerfeld has been inspired by her look for Chanel. Her bright red lipstick contrasts beautifully with her hair. Volume is in again. Flat ironed hair looks boring and out of style. Amy has a style all her own, and she wears it well.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long Hair

Wearing It Well
Long hair can be sexier and more feminine than shorter styles. With long hair you can change your look easily. Long layers such as those seen on Jennifer Anniston give hair a lot of movement and let the natural texture come out. For women like Beyonce whose shortest layers fall about an inch below their cheekbones, the length allows them to change their style to meet the occasion. Beyonce's hair is great because it has so much texture but can be blown out smooth and straight. Women who look great with long hair are those who keep it in perfect condition.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Style Your Hair E-Book

Fast and Easy
No matter what your age you can learn to style your hair. In minutes you can make your hair look thicker. You can even make yourself look thinner. Judaysia has made her Style Your Hair into an e-book. You can learn the secrets of the stars for beautiful hair. Judaysia teaches you with easy step-by-step how to's.Her fool proof methods show you how to blow-dry your hair, make waves and curls, set your hair in rollers and trim your own bangs. She tells you how to get rid of frizz. It is 15 pages jammed packed with advice, pictures, instructions and styling tips.Even if you are all thumbs this book is for you. Styles keep changing and this book keeps you up to date with all the new styling trends. Download it at
The earrings in the picture are by Wendy Brandes available at

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting The Cut

Bob haircuts are in again. The length is extremely versatile. Adding some layers keeps it looking modern. A really sleek,structured cut that falls just below the chin but without any sharp edges works on straight,wavy or curly hair. The length needs an edge to keep it from looking ordinary. Adding layers and a bang make it look sexier. Blow dry your layers smooth with a big boar bristle brush. If your hair is frizzy use a straightening iron. Brunette hair looks new and exciting with some amber, strawberry or carmel colour streaks.