Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hair Special: Brunette

Brunette has always been eclipsed by its fairer cousin the blonde until now. Celebrity inspiration has seen it reborn as an edgy sought after shade. Brunettes are finally getting their time in the spot light. A beautiful brunette is not flat, its rich and it has depth. That’s what celebrities are doing, they are showing people there are so many shades to dark hair. You can still have multi-shaded hair as a brunette just as you can as a blonde. You can have neutral cool and warm colors that go through brunettes, it doesn’t have to be a flat color at all.
The multi toned approach is perfect for those who crave a subtle change. The hair can be shaded with hues of honey, gold, strawberry and carmel for a lightening effect. Small pencil thin strands can be added randomly through out the hair. Low-light tones such as chestnut, oak and coffee give the brunette depth and complexity along with worry free grow out. It allows you to go darker gradually. If you are wanting to go dark put low lights of color through your hair. An edgier look can be achieved with darker shades of color. If you choose to do it yourself try a semi permanent color that lasts six to ten washes. There are tone on tone colors that last longer. You can choose from a wide range of color.
Perceptions of the shade itself seem to be shifting. Once a conservative classy color, brown is becoming bold, seductive and downright sexy. Brunette does not have the dowdy image it use to have. When you incorporate tones of dark into someone’s hair, it makes it look richer and more desirable.