Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hair By Judaysia

Holy Water
It's Heavenly. Volume and Shine. Thicker hair obsessions. This glamourous look was created in a few easy steps with the help of Judaysia and her hair care products.
Kristens hair has been washed with Judaysia VS Shampoo. Judaysia Holy Water was sprayed onto towel dryed hair. The Shampoo and the Holy Water made her hair full of volume and shine. Judaysia Mousse was applied to give her hair hold and was blown dry. It was set in very large pin curls. Judaysia Hairdresser In A Can was sprayed on all over. The loose locks were released with my fingers and put into place and sprayed again. All products available at http://www.judaysia.com/

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ask Judaysia: Damaged Hair

Dear Judaysia,
My hair is so dry and damaged. It is bleached blonde. I go to the salon regularly to have it touched up. My natural color is a medium brown. My hairdresser applies a thick white powder bleach to my hair, and then puts me under the hair dryer. I am getting some breakage and I have told my hairdresser, but my hair is not getting any better. What can I do? Paula, Palm Beach Fla.
Dear Paula. If your hair is breaking you should stop bleaching it. I do not recommend powder bleach to lighten your hair. It should be used for off the scalp lightening such as highlights. This product is too strong for your hair and the fact that your hairdresser is putting you under the dryer is causing dryness and breakage. You need to recondition your hair. I recommend Voltech Hair Salad every time you wash. It is the holy grail of conditioners. Completely restores damaged hair. If your hairdresser is not listening to you, find a new salon. There are a lot of good salons in your area. There are products on the market to lighten darker hair without damage. For the time being your hair will look and feel better if you stop bleaching. Baby your hair. Treat it with the utmost care. Use a wide tooth comb when it is wet and start at the bottom of the strand and work your way up. Do not use any gels or mousse until the breakage stops. Do not use the flat iron or curling iron. When blow drying use the warm setting not hot air and use boar bristle brushes. Plastic will cause further breakage. Please write me in a couple of months and let me know if your condition has improved.

Ageless Beauty: Julie Christie

Beautiful At Any Age
Julie Christie's hair gives her a modern look. Her color is shaded with soft brunette
tones. It is cut in a long layered bob with a bang. Length, layers and bangs are the key to youthful hair. The style compliments her face shape and neck. Hair is your biggest accessory. Keep it soft, modern and sexy. Make sure it draws attention to your eyes. Keep the grey covered and add shades and highlights to your hair. Use quality shampoos and conditioners. Visit your stylist every four to six weeks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Men's Hair

Daniel Day Lewis
Long at any age. Long hair on men is what's new again. If you have your hair,grow some length. It softens the features. Hides an aging neck. It gives the man a look. If your hair is long and grey, color it. Nothing says I'm old and lazy more than long grey hair. Keep your hair shiny and healthy with Judaysia Hair Care. Visit your stylist every four to six weeks for a trim and some color . While you are there get a manicure and a pedicure. If you have a beard, moustache or facial hair keep it clean and your skin healthy with Judaysia Beard and Moustache wash. The ladies love it. Remember: Before you do your woman, do your beard and moustache. Available at www.judaysia.com

Hippie Hair

Long and loose. Spring has arrived with tye-dye dresses and soft wavy tresses. From Sue Stemps Spring 08 Collection.
To Get The Look: Wash hair, towel dry. I like to use mousse, it will give the hair some added body and hold. I like Judaysia Bull Moose Mousse. It thickens and shines the hair giving it all day hold. Wave hair with a waving iron. A waving iron looks like a curling iron but it has three barrels across with the middle one upside down. Part hair in the middle and start your waves just above the ear and work down to the ends. Do not comb or brush your hair. Spray with Judaysia Hairdresser In A Can.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Color Your Own Hair

I am writing a booklet on how to color your own hair. I am showing you step by step. It is easy and fun. If you color your own hair or if you want to start write me with any questions you may have. Leave a comment or e-mail me at www.judaysia.com. Thanks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Long Hair Spring 08

Wild and Free
For spring summer 08 hair is neither curly or straight, keeping a light almost flat wave with a hint of texture. Middle parts dominated the runways. Long hippie waves were accented with beaded bands across the forehead. Pencil thin highlights, wispy streaks and messy updo's complimented see-thru fabrics and tye-dye.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Katie Holmes Latest Haircut

It seems Katie gets a new version of her bob every few weeks. This time it is clean classic and undercut. What makes it fresh is the deep side part. Geometric weight frames the chin. Brow
skimming bangs bring attention to the eye. Boar bristle brushes and the flat iron contribute to the finishing. This cut is clean and sharp. It is perfect for fine, limp and thin hair.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spring Fresh 08

Update your look for spring .Change your hair colour. Lighten and add texture to blonde, brunette or red hair. Always multi- shade your hair.Keep it natural looking and sun kissed. If you do it yourself go to the salon and get some highlights. You can keep the new growth up at home. Compliment your hair colour with a hot orange or pink lip colour.Spring's new look.
Check out Nars lip shades. Available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Bob And The Wedge

Weight Line
Louise Brooks gave the bob a classic Hollywood look.
Dorothy Hamill wedged it and made it sporty.
Katie Holmes has combined them both.No matter what the age it all comes around again. Every visit finds it young, fun and striking.
Todays bang is brow skimming. The edges can be cut with a razor to add texture. The hair can be stacked in back leaving the sides longer.
All of the cuts have a definite weight line. Katie Holmes has choppy layers giving it a fresh new approach.
Make sure your hair can handle a razor. You don't want frizzy edges. If you do have frizzy hair try Judaysia Holy Water along with some of John Freida's hair smoothing products. Rain and snow make hair damp.I use the Simply Sleek by Freida along with the Holy Water because the Holy Water gives it life and the Simply Sleek smooths out the wrinkles. Try it and let me know if you like it together. John Freids hair smoothing Products can be found at your local drug store. Judaysia's can be found at http://www.judaysia.com/ You will have to e-mail for the Holy Water it isn't on my site yet. If you need help styling your hair read my old posts they have directions. I am working on an updated version of my Hair Styling Book, and Ageless Beauty will be available later this year.

Monday, January 07, 2008

About Me by Wendy Brandes

Read All About It
Wendy Brandes has written a beautiful post about me. Read it at www.wbjewelry.blogspot.com Scroll down to The Unique Style Of Judaysia posted January 5,2008. At right is hair in the shape of a flying V guitar. I did this in the 80's. Carrie is the model and she had very long hair. I would do the hair for rock stars and various designers. Carrie was a great model. I would put car parts in her hair and do it in different shapes. Read Wendys posts. She writes about everything from Madame Wu to botox boots. While you are there check out her jewelry. Go to www.gigicaron.com and buy a pair of her earrings or a necklace to go with your hair.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Everyday Hair

Platinum Blonde
Easy everyday hair. Colour makes all the difference. Bleached blonde and toned gives hair incredible texture. Skinny head bands look chic. They can be worn by women of any age. If your hair is baby fine and boring try a dramatic colour to give it life and to give yourself a new look. Wavy hair would look great styled like this. Keep it conditioned with Judaysia Holy Water and Voltech Hair Salad.