Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hair After Covid


                                   The Beauty Clips by Judaysia

 After months of lock down women are looking for a fresh new look that is modern and versatile. Gone are the top knots, split ends, and over grown roots. Now is the time to revise your style and take care of your hair.

From NY to Milan bob haircuts made the biggest statement for fall. The versatile cut was the go-to look that lasted through the lock down.  Judaysia’s Volumtechnic Haircutting took center stage.  “It’s a miracle my fine, thin, hair looks as thick and full today as it did when I first had it cut.  It has held through this whole pandemic”, said Judaysia’s longtime client, Barbara Walsh. Indeed, Judaysia’s Volumtechnics haircutting has gained a cult following of women with fine, thin hair. Her revolutionary haircutting technique builds body and thickness into every strand.  Haircuts look thicker and fuller they last longer than ever before. Maintenance and styling are easy; every cut stands on its own and grows out beautifully. Whether your hair is wavy or straight it can be cut to become thicker, because every head of hair has its own unique properties. 

Here are some tips from Judaysia to help you return to the salon and care for your hair at home.
Select a salon that takes one person at a time. Beauty salons are extremely clean.  Working from her private studio, Judaysia sees one client at a time by appointment.   A newly installed UVC sanitizing station eliminates bacteria and viruses on all equipment; brushes, combs, capes, towels, and rollers, etc.
Your hair frames your face so be sure to let your stylist see your face and neck   (if only for a moment) to determine a cut that is best for you. If you do not want to show your face, opt to have your split ends trimmed.
 Choose a low maintenance haircut like the bob that can be worn on women of all ages and hair types. It is versatile and can be undercut for extreme volume, it can be layered known as a LOB, or broomstick cut on very straight hair, and it looks great on wavy hair.
Balayage can extend the life of your color. Hand-painted streaks freshen color worn locks.
Luxury hair care products are on the rise. Choose shampoos and conditions infused with plants and flowers such as those found at Be sure to condition your hair to keep it healthy and shiny.
 This season we are seeing a return to relaxed hair with volume making a good cut essential.  For those whose color has grown out and have become afraid to go back to the salon, Judaysia has launched her signature line of custom do-it-yourself organic and plant based hair color. It is available at and on Etsy at MalibuNaturalMkt. Women rely on their salon as a comforting source of self-care and community.  Call Judaysia for a private appointment 818-880-4630