Friday, August 31, 2007

Ageless Beauty Jane Fonda

Ageless Hair
What makes the women of Hollywood look so good? Hair.
Jane Fonda is 70 years old. Seventy has never looked so good. She is living proof that women can still be sexy at seventy. She looks amazing. Yes you can say she has had work done. But that is not the point in my Ageless Beauty Ageless Hair series. I am showing women that a great haircut and color can make all the difference. We have all seen women who have had work done but still wear their hair in the same old style they wore thirty years ago. It makes them look like the work they had done was a waste of time. Women can get great looking hair. She has her hair styled into a look that is very trendy. It has been highlighted to enhance her skin. She can wear her hair short.This is an easy style to care for. Regular hair cuts keep it fresh and easy. She can even grow it a little longer and it will look just as good.
To Get The Look: Hair is longer in the back. It has been layered. To style: Flip the ends of the hair up around the perimeter. Blow dry the rest of the hair under. Bangs go forward. You can use velcro rollers on the top. Fluff the hair out with your hands and spray with a shaper hairspray. Have your hair highlighted.Here it is shown with chunky highlights.My book Style Your Hair shows step by step how to blow dry and use velcro rollers. Hair styling products are available at

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fall Hair 07 Evening

Sexy Hair
For the special night out. Beautiful waves.Side parted and flowing over the shoulder. This style looks best when worn with a deep red lipstick. Lots of glamour. Beautiful for any age. Can be worn with a suit or an evening gown. If your hair is too short try adding a clip- on extension.Set the extension as you would your own hair,using pin curls, or a waving iron.

Long Hair Fall 07

California Dreamin'
Long hair is in the air. Healthy,warm,glowing hair.Untouched, modern, long and loose hair. Kissed by the sun.
To Get The Look:
Lots of thickening product was used. Try Judaysia Thic. Hair was blown dry and flat ironed.Part in the middle or high on the side.Hair should be soft and fresh. Easy hair. Judaysia Thic available at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hair Extensions

Rapunzel Calling
Britney Spears has gone from short to long. Her new hair extensions look beautiful.
Extensions are used by both men and women in Hollywood. The use of hair extensions has helped create the many looks needed to maintain the versatility in their careers. No longer are hair extensions the domain of the professionally good looking. They are fast becoming an option with women to change their look in a flash. Anyone can have hair extensions, they can be fun and liberating. The best are human hair where the colour, texture and density are matched to the person's natural hair.The biggest time investment is the one made initially when the hair is attached. First the hair is braided down then the extensions are sewn onto the braid. The hair is then cut and styled. This could take about four or more hours. The extensions are tightened after two months and redone after four months.
I do not recommend extensions done with heat and glue. Damage to the natural hair is the usual result.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ageless Beauty: Goldie Hawn

Long Hair At Any Age
There's no such thing as age related hair. Age doesn't even matter any more. It is so passe. "Ages are getting pushed back. Forty now isn't what it use to be. Neither is 50 or even 60. There is such a thing as being hot at 60", says Roy Teeluck , New York City hairdresser,with a smile.
I have never beleived a woman should cut her hair at a certain age. It is an old wives tale. Just look at Goldie Hawn she's the perfect example of looking great over 50. Here her long hair has been waved. A big look this season. Beautiful hair is beautiful hair. Goldie's long hair can be worn straight or waved. She looks great with it framing her face. It accents her features making her look young, soft, and sexy. Beauty at any age.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How To Style Your Hair

Step By Step Instructions
"I followed your instructions and my hair came out fabulous.
Thank you". Maria. Westlake, Ca.
"A must have for every woman." The Times
Even if you are all thumbs this book is for you. Style Your Hair by Judaysia.
Written by a hairdresser for her clients. Step by step instructions to wave your hair for falls Veronica Lake waves. Pictures show you how to make a curl. Setting and styling how-to.
Learn to blow dry your bob. Instructions take you from wet to dry. Fast and easy. Learn to use rollers and so much more. A great gift for any woman.
15.00 Available from Judaysia. Write her at

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall 07 Short Bob

In the early sixties women slept with big rollers in their hair. They teased. bouffanted, and flipped their hair. All for the sake of fashion. Vidal Sassoon changed the way women viewed hairstyles. London was swinging with the Mod scene and Mary Quant along with Vidal Sassoon were inspiring a new generation. In Vidal's Madison Avenue salon he was turning out slick- mod cuts. Modern, low maintenance geometric cuts. Sassoon created a short angular haircut that was the recreation of the bob. Edie loved it and wore the look on her straight hair.Parted in the middle and dyed platinum blonde she inspired a whole look. She started a trend.She was the house model for Betsey Johnson and muse of Andy Warhol.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hair Fall 07 Waves

Kyra and Kate
Long and loose waves.Ageless beauty.Waves worn at any age are sexy and gorgeous. Side parted, falling below the shoulders.
Realistically this is how your hair will look. For a more professional Veronica Lake look make an appointment with your stylist. You can achieve the looks shown here. They can be done using pin curls, hot rollers or a curling iron. See my blog on Aug. 6, 2007 Styling Lesson Fall 07.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Men's Hair Fall 07

Every rock star knows the ladies love long locks.
Finally romance has returned to men's hair. Gone are the bald and nub heads who now look so dated.Real men have hair.Straight or wavy there's a lenght that's right for you. Keep it shaped,see your hairdresser every four weeks. Trim your neck and the hair around the ears.
Use Judaysia
VS Volumizing Shampoo to keep it clean, shiny and smelling good every day. Condition with Voltech Hair Salad twice a week.Products available at

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Curly Bob

A good bob line concentrates on texture and
movement. Movement being the keyword here. Volumtechnics HaircuttingTechnology allows the hair to fall naturally, controlling the movement. Softness and easy managability are important assets in this cut. Natural wave can be bobbed and layered to bring it to life.Two different types of curl, two different lenghts. Finish with Judaysia
Mousse for more defined curls, or John Freida Simply Sleek for softer, looser waves.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Layered Bob

With beauty in the all nude mood this season, the focus is firmly on hair and the boldest look is a short bob. Keep the classic shape modern with choppy layers and a brow skimming fringe.
This whole look was replicated in the salon last week. First the hair was colored with a rich red blended with shades of sherry, flame, and oak on my clients hair. It had been previously streaked so we left out a few pieces around the face. After the colour was washed off I did an overlay of a bright flame red. It gave the hair the color wash seen in the photo and it also shaded the blonde highlights to the desired hue. Then I cut her hair using the Volumtechnics method for shaping and volumizing. I chopped in layers without slithering and cut the heavy fringe. It looked fantastic. My client had a long narrow face and it gave her face width and made her shoulders look very sexy. It balanced perfectly with her body. She found the picture on the cover of Short Styles magazine. It is always a good idea to take pictures into your hairderesser, especially if you are a first time client. This gives the hairdresser a chance to see what you have on your mind. If you have the hair for the look , you can adjust it to suit your texture, face shape and body.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Salon Etiquette: Tipping

Dear Judaysia,
How much should I tip my hairdresser? Is there a gratuity scale?I was told I do not have to tip my hairdresser because he is the owner. Carolyn, Beverly Hills, Ca.
Dear Carolyn,
Hairdressing is a very personal service. Yes, you should tip your hairdresser. The standard tip is 20 percent of the service fee. You can always leave him more. You do not have to tip on product sales. If there is a shampoo girl it is customary to tip her as well, but the amount is up to you. The rule for tipping the owner is: If he has five or more hairdressers working for him you do not have to tip him. Otherwise, yes tip your hairdresser.
Please send your questions to me and I will be happy to answer them.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great Hair Now: Long

Jeans aren't the only thing getting skinny this season. Hair is now being micro shaded. Long brunette hair, so soft and beautiful as shown on Jenny (at right) has been lo lighted with hints of chestnut, oak, and hickory. All shades have been custom blended by Judaysia. Long, choppy, loose layers were done with Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology the volumizing technique Judaysia created to build body into fine hair. Her heavy bang is right on trend. Jenny's hair stays beautiful for months. Volumtechnics keeps the shape longer allowing the hair to grow without becoming stringy or weak. She keeps her color shiny and her hair healthy by using Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo and Judaysia Thic. She styles her hair dry with a big round white boar brislte brush. It is easy and fast. Jenny also lets her hair air dry and then she flattens it with a ceramic flat iron.
I only use my own haircare products because I know what is in them.So when I am teaching you how to style your hair I am telling you what I use to get the look. They are made with botanical ingredients in small batches. Products should wash out of your hair leaving it soft and healthy. There should be no evidence of residue left in the hair like a fragrance, or build up on the hair. I use to use professional products developed by hairdressers.They are not professional products any more. Now most of them have been sold to big organizations and cheapened. Almost all of them are available in the drug store. Thay are not the same quality that they use to be. I have found Nexxus is still the same formula. I like John Freida's products. He really has a nice line for frizz and curl that smooth and straighten the hair. So I do use and recommend products that are quality. I really don't care where they are sold as long as they are good for our hair and skin. I do not beleive we should have to only purchase our products at the salon. Now we can buy quality products on-line. I do not make products that flatten hair. I am all about volume and thickening the hair. I work with a chemist and a holistic herbal practioner to develop products for health hair and scalp. To learn more about my haircare please visit

Friday, August 10, 2007

Shake And Run

Hair on the go. If you need more action in your bob this is a great way to get it. Loose, lazy layers with just a hint of wave. Styling is kept to a minimum. Hair can be blown dry without a brush. As always the bang is optional. If you are a new mom with very little time you can even let it air dry. Just spray on a little Judaysia Thic and toss with your fingers. Spray with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray when dry. Fluff with your fingers again. Easy and sexy.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beauty Dept. Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Bold brows may be back, but that doesn't spell the end of good grooming. Brought into Vogue by Brooke Shields and sported by sophisticated beauties such as Jennifer Connelly and Hilary Rhoda, fuller eyebrows are as elegantly shaped and coloured as their pencil thin predecessors. Shape them with tweezers or have them waxed. The new gold plated Tweezelight tweezer has a built in penlight to illuminate those difficult to see areas.
Hold a pencil vertical from the side of your nose up to your brow.This will tell you where to start your brow. Tweeze out any hair between the brows. Your arch should peek over the middle of the eye. Remove any strays below the brow. Comb eyebrows up and trim any long hairs. Carefullly, do not cut holes in your brow.
When considering colour it is a good rule of thumb to have your eyebrows two shades darker than your hair. This adds youth and definition to the eye. Have your hairdresser tint them when she tints your hair. If your brows are grey and you can tint them yourself, Roux makes eyebrow and lash tint. It comes in two shades. I recommend the lighter one because it gets very dark. Follow the directions.
Lashes can be tinted as well. They make the eyes look beautiful without mascara. I would have this done by a professional. To keep your lashes looking luscious I like the Hotlash heated eyelash curler. Available at Roux eyebrow and eyelash tint and Tweezelight available at beauty supply stores.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ask Judaysia

Dear Judaysia,
I am temporarily house bound due to an illness. I have always kept my hair up to fashion. I'm seeing the 1940's look for fall. I also read your column yesterday about the Veronica Lake waves. I have long hair. I cannot do pin curls or use a curling iron. Can I use hot rollers to get the look. If so, what kind and can you give me any helpful setting tips. Thank you. Celeste.Lake Sherwood, Ca.
Dear Celeste, Yes you can use hot rollers. I like the Babyliss Ceramic Hot Rollers. They have 5 rollers in a set. That is all you need. Take very large sections and use the jaw type clips to hold your rollers. They come with the set. This set gets really hot so I would not heat it up too long. Maybe 5 minutes.
If the rollers are too hot on your scalp slip a comb under the roller to lift it off your head. Let you hair set for about 5-8 minutes. Take it down. It should fall into beautiful waves. Spray it with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray. The Babyliss Ceramic Rollers are large and they curl hair in a new way.They are great for today's hair. They give a very smooth, soft curl. The ceramic helps control frizz unlike older styles of hot rollers. They cost about 40.00 and can be found at beauty supplies or on-line.Visit for Judaysia VS Shaper Hairspray.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hair Now The Big Bang


Rarely worn since the days of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin
the big thick bang has set off a chain reaction since it appeared
on the fall's runway. Everyone from socialites to hipsters
are turning up with luxurious, brow grazing bangs. Model Irina
Lazareanu is seen at right. See her in the Chanel Monte Carlo
Collection. They can instantly give an old haircut a new style. A ponytail,or updo looks refreshing. Review some of my past blogs. Big bangs are everywhere. Whether it hits just above the brow or just below it, whether it falls straight or curves around the outer corners of your eyes, the right fringe will flatter your face shape. They will even make you look thinner. Oh, it's a great way to hide lines in the forehead.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Katie Holmes Haircut

Beautiful layered bob. Chin length. Choppy edges. A good haircut for straight hair, fine hair, and hair with a slight bend. I cut this today on chemically straightened hair and it came out gorgeous. We used the scissors and the razor to achieve the choppy layers. Thank you Jenny. I had a wonderful time cutting your hair. Judaysia

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hairstylists And Models Love

"I can't do a shoot without it," says London based hairstylist Guido."Judaysia's products are amazing. I love the VS Shaper. I can use it on everyone to style and hold their hair. I use it every season for the collections.The models love it as well. Frederika always has it in her travel bag." "It is so verstile for roller setting, waving and as a finishing spray. It's the one product I do not want to be out of." Available at

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The Shag is still going strong. Like its classic sister, the Bob, the shag has been elevated into the hair heirarchy. Now it has been reinvented again.
Cut in different layers,the jaw length platinum shag, at left, is styled into disheveled bliss. The eye popping platinum makes it stand out giving the layers definition and texture. It's easy to style with a shaping spray and a light paste. Calm it down with a blow dry and make the hair smooth for a softer look.
The long choppy layers in the brunette fall gently over the shoulder. Fine, straight hair gets a messy boost from the razored layers. Choppy texture is defined with hair thickening mousse.Skinny strands of colour update the 70's rocker shag. Hair can be lightly waved with pin curls for a more finished look.
Both looks have the heavy brow skimming bangs that are so in right now.