Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hair For Summer

In Stitches.

Natural soft feminine hair set the stage for spring. To accompany the embellishments and embroidery that highlighted Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen, Guido Palau created intricate up do’s with hair stitching. Needle and thread sewn through the hair created an old world romantic look. Hair was twisted, rolled and stitched into place. To Get The Look: While sewing your hair into place may be hard to do, you can achieve the look with product and some hair pins. Spray Judaysia Your Highness onto towel dried hair. Blow dry with gentle heat using your fingers. Make one inch random sections and hand roll your hair. Use a hair pin to hold it in place.  Twist some strands and pin into place. The messier the better.  Judaysia Your Highness is  available at Beverly Glen Pharmacy in Los Angeles , SanYsidro Pharmacy in Montecito, Le Joie in Oak Park and Fountain Blue Coiffure in Rochester,NY and