Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hairstyle For The Bride

I Do.
 Brides are choosing messy up do’s, loose French twists and soft big waves. Your hair is your biggest accessory on your wedding day. Nothing says “I do” more than sexy hair.
The neckline of your dress can help you determine your hair style. Low neckline and backless dresses ooze sex appeal with waves cascading on your shoulders. Very high necklines can make you look taller with your hair swept up in a loosely tied knot.
There are three things every bride needs. Must haves include a curling iron,Judaysia  Mousse, and Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper  Hair Spray. Simply put you cannot get through the day without them. Up dos, waves, twists and even flat ironed hair needs holding power. Judaysia Mousse works like magic to hold hair without being sticky or stiff. Sometimes fine, flat ironed hair will separate and look stringy. Judaysia Mousse thickens the hair so it just looks thicker with a natural shine.  The memory hold allows you to touch up your hair without losing its shape. A curling iron should be stowed away in your bridal bag use it to touch up your set.  Judaysia VS Shaper Spray Hairdresser In A Can is just like having Judaysia do your hair. This incredible spray lifts shapes and holds your hair.  The micro fine mist allows you to shape your hair without being sticky or stiff. Keep a can in your bridal bag for touch ups. Available at
Your head piece should complement your hair. Choose a hat or head band in place of a veil. Compliment it with some diamond or pearl earrings. Try a pair of vintage earrings or some of the new faux

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mousse For Thicker Hair

Kate Upton
The return of the set. The trend is big hair. Sexy,thicker,fuller hair is all the rage. Hair with volume spells sex appeal. The seasons new set can be seen on Kate Upton in Vogue. Her modern bob is finished with a roller set. The sixties look was seen on the runway for fall.
To Get The Look:  Use Judaysia Mousse. Judaysia Mousse makes your hair thicker. The botanical plants and flowers give your hair volume and shine. It holds your set,  resists humidity and eliminates frizz. Judaysia Mousse gives your hair a soft sexy hold. Baby fine hair loves the weightless volume. Apply Judaysia Mousse to towel dried hair. Shake it real well then put a big dollop in the palm of your hand. Distribute it through-out your hair giving the roots some extra. Blow dry. Use hot rollers to set your hair. I like the Babyliss with five jumbo rollers. When the rollers have cooled, take them out and shape your hair with your hands.
Visit your hairdresser to have your cut freshened every five to six weeks. Make an appointment to get your hair set. Buy Judaysia Mousse and get a free copy of my  e-book Make Your Hair Sexy in 15 Minutes. Put in the code  MMHS15b  in the PayPal message box and I will send you the link. It comes with a Free Video on how to set your hair.Available at

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Judaysia Mousse

Thicker Hair

The magic foam that eliminates frizz, makes fine hair thicker and creates beach waves has evolved into Judaysia Mousse. Top hair dressers are discovering the can with the hand drawn mousse. It can be found in celebrity and stylist’s bags from Los Angeles to Milan.
Judaysia Mousse is the most versatile styling product around. The miracle product can be used on every hairstyle. Here are some tips on mastering mousse.

Shake it up.
Think of it as whipped cream for your hair. The more you shake it the
fluffier it gets...
Apply  Judaysia Mousse to towel dried hair. Judaysia Mousse will seal the cuticle and keep your hair color from fading.
It makes fine hair thicker. Judaysia Mousse gives fine hair volume and prevents see through hair. Comb it from roots to end and blow dry to lock in smoothness. Use Judaysia Mousse for curls, flat iron and roller sets.
 Men with Faux Hawks love the product for its superior hold and the botanical blend washes out clean. There is no build up it is never sticky or stiff.  Try it today. Send me a note with your order in the Pay Pal message box and I will send you a free travel size of Judaysia Thic.  Order at