Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mousse For Thicker Hair

Kate Upton
The return of the set. The trend is big hair. Sexy,thicker,fuller hair is all the rage. Hair with volume spells sex appeal. The seasons new set can be seen on Kate Upton in Vogue. Her modern bob is finished with a roller set. The sixties look was seen on the runway for fall.
To Get The Look:  Use Judaysia Mousse. Judaysia Mousse makes your hair thicker. The botanical plants and flowers give your hair volume and shine. It holds your set,  resists humidity and eliminates frizz. Judaysia Mousse gives your hair a soft sexy hold. Baby fine hair loves the weightless volume. Apply Judaysia Mousse to towel dried hair. Shake it real well then put a big dollop in the palm of your hand. Distribute it through-out your hair giving the roots some extra. Blow dry. Use hot rollers to set your hair. I like the Babyliss with five jumbo rollers. When the rollers have cooled, take them out and shape your hair with your hands.
Visit your hairdresser to have your cut freshened every five to six weeks. Make an appointment to get your hair set. Buy Judaysia Mousse and get a free copy of my  e-book Make Your Hair Sexy in 15 Minutes. Put in the code  MMHS15b  in the PayPal message box and I will send you the link. It comes with a Free Video on how to set your hair.Available at www.judaysia.com/products