Monday, September 18, 2023

Hair For Fall

Scarlett Fever








In more ways than one Scarlett O’hara captures the look of the moment. From New York to Milan waves shook the runway. Curls are having a moment, from long cascading curls to the new beach waves hair has returned to it’s feminine roots. There is no doubt women are craving thicker fuller hair and waves and curls are making every strand thicker. Rollers  and waving irons are in the limelight as the tools of choice. Judaysia  Mousse reigned supreme to give stylist long lasting volume.  To achieve the look: On towel dried hair liberally apply Judaysia Mousse and comb through. If you crave extra lift spray on Judaysia Your Highness to lift your crown. Blow dry. When hair is dry use a curling wand and take small sections and curl hair in a candlestick fashion. When cool release curls and let your hair cascade into waves. For shorter hair. Blow dry with a round brush giving lift to the roots. When dry set hair with Velcro rollers. Let hair remain in rollers 20-30 minutes. Remove and fluff with your fingers. Finish with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray.  Scarlett red hair color is setting the world on fire. Red in every shade is making a statement. Fire engine red, copper, and burgundy the 80’s throwback  are here for another season. Keep your hair color from fading with Judaysia Vs Volumizing shampoo. Products available at

Women are experiencing hair loss lately. If you have been stressed out or had some kind of trauma you could be having a telogen effluvium. Your will grow back.  If you are using sulfate free shampoos or cleansing conditioners it is important to use a clarifying shampoo or do a vinegar rinse to remove the build-up from the scalp.