Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gretchen Mol

Waves and Body.
Adding volume to fine hair makes it look thicker. Soft waves make fine hair sexy. Long layers worn above the shoulders with gentle waves give hair movement. Layers allow the waves to open up and take shape without being stiff.
Conditioning your hair with Judaysia Hair Salad will make your waves bounce. It gives your hair elasticity so it can stretch and bend without breaking. The more elastic your hair is, the easier it is to grow and become thicker. JHS makes your hair thicker because it gives your hair elasticity.
Keep your ends trimmed. See your hairdresser on a regular basis to keep your hair well groomed.

Get Thicker Hair

Happy New Year.
The new year is good time to get a new look. Long hair gets layered.
Long layers have so much versatility. Your layers can be blown dry and thickened with Judaysia VS Shaper. Just blow your hair dry with a big round boar bristle brush or a paddle brush then spray Judaysia VS Shaper throughout your hair and fluff with your fingers. Hairdresser in a can. Click here to buy
Judaysia VS Shaper

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Angelina Jolie

Glamorous hair for the season. Long hair is easy to do. Add a hair piece if your hair is shorter. You will need bobby pins, Judaysia VS Shaper Hairspray and a rat tail comb. To get the look follow these easy steps...

Natalie Portman

Holiday Hair.
This is the time of year to dress up your hair. Soft waves are easy to do. You can use a big barrel curling iron or set your hair with big pin curls.
For a party or special event treat yourself by going to your hairdresser. Have your hair styled. Book yourself a manicure and have a mini beauty hour.
My e-book Make Your Hair Sexy in 15 Minutes comes with a FREE video. It is a step-by-step easy pin curl set for long loose waves. This is a must have for the girl who does her own hair. It is a great gift for the woman looking to attract a new man. Available at judaysia.com/products.html