Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty Feet

Natural Cures.
Are you one of the millions of people suffering from an ingrown toenail? Have you picked up a fungus on your nails from the nail salon or gym?
Here are the natural cures. They take time so be patient. They will work.
The secret to relief from an ingrown toe nail is simple. Take a very small (a little bit bigger than a pin head but not as big as a pea) size of cotton. Make it into a little ball. Take an orange wood stick and slip it under your nail where the ingrown nail is located. If it hurts the cotton ball is too big. Make it smaller. Leave it there. This will allow your nail to grow out. This is much less painful and stressful than going to the doctor.

Too rid your nails of fungus use tea tree oil. This takes patience and dedication. It is really very simple. Apply the tea tree oil to your nail every single day without fail. Rub it into the whole nail; do the base of the nail and under the free edge. Your nail will grow out fungus free. This is a safe and natural alternative to the fungus medicine.