Sunday, May 08, 2011

Conditioning Your Hair

Kate Winslet.
Amazing Kate. Peroxide blonde platinum hair is so right for the season. Whether you are wearing the bold colors of spring or a little black dress platinum blonde hair goes with everything.
Platinum blonde was once done with a bleach and tone procedure. Today's high lift tints can achieve the look in one process. I do not recommend doing it yourself. Overlapping the color on touch-ups can cause breakage. Platinum blonde requires dedicated maintenance. The darker your hair the faster the regrowth will show. So schedule your touch-up's every three to four weeks.
Conditioning your hair is very important. Conditioner will keep the elasticity so your hair can stretch and bend without breaking. It will keep your hair soft and the cuticle free of stress. It will keep it moving and impart shine.
I like to condition hair every time I wash it. I use Judaysia Hair Salad and Judaysia Holy Water. The Hair Salad is nourishment for the hair. The cells of the hair are rejuvenated with healing herbs. Your hair can be combed and styled easily. Hair Salad soothes and shines hair that is treated with irons. It brings dead hair back to life. It also gives the inner structure protection against frizz. So your hair is left silky and shiny. Even if you set your hair on rollers or curls Hair Salad will help your hair hold the set. Hair that is not properly conditioned has a hard time holding a set. I also like to spray the Judaysia Holy Water on the shaft and ends of the hair, especially long hair. The Holy Water protects against harsh elements without weighing the hair down.
It eliminates frizz. I am all about hair that is soft and moves. Judaysia Holy Water is good for wavy and curly hair as well. You can spray it on your hair to define your waves. I use it everyday. I love it. As a result your hair will be able to grow longer, stronger and thicker.
Use products to keep your hair healthy. Good quality hair products cost more. Judaysia is made in small batches to ensure the quality.
Try different products. Hairdressers always make the best products. They are problem solvers.