Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton

Hair for the Bride.
Kate's long locks were set in cascading curls. Half up, half down she looked lovely. Her hairdressers James Pryce and Richard Ward kept her very close to her everyday look.
I love her hair. It is simple and easy.
Dressing up your hair for your wedding can be the icing on the cake. Stay away from styles that are severe, uncomfortable and unnatural. Try the style before the big day. Wear it for at least eight hours. Always take your veil and hairpiece to your hairdresser so you can style your hair accordingly.
Try your make-up before hand as well. Don't forget your eyebrows have then shaped and tinted.
I love her dress and her bridesmaid's dress. Her sister's simple ivory dress was high style.
Hopefully this will start a trend to get rid of the hideous dresses worn today.