Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Highlighted Hair and Roots

Ask Judaysia,
Dear Judaysia,
I have been getting my hair highlighted every six weeks. I always seem to have roots. My natural hair is dark brown. The ends are very dry and my over all color seems dull. My hairdresser says I should add some low lights. I love being blonde. Can you offer any suggestions? Cindy, Phoenix, Az.
Dear Cindy,
One way to eliminate having roots all the time is by giving your hair a base color. Your hairdresser can lighten your natural color a few shades and then highlight your hair. This will brighten your all over color. You can touch up your hair at the six week interval with your base color and add the high lights every third touch up. Your texture will greatly improve. Care for your hair with products that will not strip your color or dry out your hair.