Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holy Water

Performs Miracles
Hairdresser's on the sets of major motion pictures call for Judaysia Holy Water. Celebrities have dry damaged hair from over exposure to hot lights, chemicals, hair extensions, etc. Hollywood has been using it for years. Now it is available for everyone to use.
Dry, damaged, and frizzy hair can now be restored to its optimum health. Judaysia Holy Water is the first leave in condition that actually thickens the hair. Panax ginseng root and aloe repair the hair shaft and heal split ends. Spirulina and vitamins seal the hair and prevent frizz while keeping your hair damage free. Incredible volume and shine are achieved. It works on every hair type. Fine, thin and limp hair have new hope. Conventional conditioners often leave the hair too limp and greasy looking. Judaysia Holy Water adds volume and life to limp, fine hair. Available from Judaysia at