Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salon Etiquette: Appointments

Can I Help You?
Most salons book on an appointment basis,although some are walk-in salons.When you call to book an appointment know what time you would like to come in.This will save time for the busy receptionist. Write down your appointment time. Show up on time. If you cannot keep your appointment call the day before and let your hairdresser know. This will give your stylist time to fill the spot. It is rude to call an hour before and say "Do you have anything later?" Or to simply not show up. Your hairdresser's time is just as valuable as yours. What are they suppose to do with the time you booked and did not show up? Some salons charge for the missed appointment. Do not show up an hour late with an attitude. Have some class and pay your stylist for the missed appointment. And while we are on the subject of ettiquette, pay with cash. Most hairdressers do not have the resources to back up your check at the bank. A check is no more than an IOU. Your hairdresser did not make you run to the bank to get your hair cut and then wait a few days for it to clear before they cut your hair.Be sure to show up with cash to pay. Don't say " I don't have any money, I will get it to you." In the event you have to use your charge card leave extra to cover the fee. Finally, always leave a tip.