Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Haircolour Breakage

Ask Judaysia
Dear Judaysia; I have long, fine, thin, blonde hair. I have a lot of grey on top now. I had my hair hilighted and it broke off. I cannot seem to find a hairdresser or good advice about coloring my hair that will not damage it. I need advice and something to repair the damage. I want to keep my hair long.
Thank you, Kerrie
Dear Kerrie, If you are in the Los Angeles area you could come to my salon. I would recommend an all over colour for you, A single process. With the grey it will look hilighted. Please do not let your hairdresser put you under the hair dryer with any type of colour. This will almost always damage your hair.Your hair can look very sexy like the picture at the right. To repair the damage I always use Voltech Hair Salad. It is undoubtedly The Holy Grail of hair repair. Also a good cut to give it volume. I would also look for a top hairdresser in the biggest city near you. You will pay more but it will be worth every penny.I hope this helps.