Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thicker Hair

Volume! Volume! Volume!
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Yes you can have thicker hair. These easy steps will show you how.The most important thing is a good haircut. One that builds body and volume into fine, thin hair. A good cut has a firm foundation. Something to build on. Cutting hair is like making a sculpture. The hair is your medium. Our models hair is cut into a Savage Haircut with Volumtechnics. All she has to do is put a little product in her hair, blow dry it and go.
The next step is product. You can get products that make your hair thicker. By increasing the diameter of the hair you increase the volume.
Start with shampoo. It is important to use a shampoo that cleans the hair and leaves it full and shiny. Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo is made in small batches with natural ingredients. It is a great everyday shampoo. It cleans, shines and protects the hair. You want all the product to wash out of your hair. This prevents build up. You also want your scalp to be healthy. Some shampoos are so harsh and drying they actually break the hair off. Shampoo made with botanical ingredients are a better choice. They do not have to be all natural because sometimes its not the wise choice. Too much protein can make the scalp flake. The right blend makes all the difference.
Thickening products are best used after towel drying the hair before styling. Judaysia Thic is the best product for thickening the hair. The natural botanical formula increases the diameter of the hair making it thicker and fuller. Thic never builds up.It can be used everyday. Thic also gives your hair more volume and body while holding your set. I use it all the time in the salon. It is the one product I cannot live without. If you have a good cut and the right product all the work is done for you. You just need to do a little finishing.
For a limited time I am offering free samples of Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo and Judaysia Thic. To receive them send 2.00 to cover the packing and post to;
Judaysia P.O. Box 1655 Agoura Hills Ca. 91376. You will receive a half ounce bottle of shampoo and a .07 ounce bottle of Thic . Include your address.