Sunday, September 16, 2007

French Twist: How To

Mane Direction

The Classic French Twist gets reinvented every season. Today Style For The Stay At Home Mom did a wonderful post on the elegant look for fall. Tippi Hedron in a classic french twist graced the fashion page of the Los Angeles Times. Today it is still fashionable, sexy and easy to do. This is a fantastic look for busy moms, working girls, and for a night on the town.Wear it sleek or messy depending on the occasion. It looks smart with a suit, easy with jeans and sexy with an evening gown.
To Get The Look: You will need a rat tail comb, bobbi pins and hair spray. If you hair is soft and fine back comb or back brush it. You want your hair to be easy to work with. Pull your hair away from your face to the center back of your head. Smooth one side and pin in a vertical base with your bobbi pins. Smooth over the other side and twist and tuck in the ends by your base. You can use your rat tail comb to tuck in the hair. Pin with a row of bobbi pins. Secure it in place. Spray with your hair spray.Remember it doesn't have to be perfect. Pull out a few pieces along the hair line and your bang. Let me know if you need more help. has Judaysia VS Shaper Spray. This is a good working spray and it gives the right amount of hold. E-mail me when you order the spray or put a note in the Pay Pal that you saw my blog and I will send you a free rat tail comb and bobbi pins. Tell me you want the French Twist Kit.