Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hair For Summer

Alexander Wang came out swinging for his Collection 1 debut putting forth an exuberant lineup that celebrated a youthful rock ’n’ roll take on neo-Americana—complete with Stars and Stripes and paisley hair treatments that offered a new beauty alternative for summer bonfires and beach parties come Fourth of July weekend. The biker-esque snapback bandana headbands worn across the center of the forehead were paired with hairstylist Guido Palau’s latest take on gritty Wang-girl hair. “It’s not wavy, it’s not straight—it’s nothing- texture,” Palau explained backstage. “We wanted it to look very cool and downtown √† la Axl Rose.” But the scene-stealing hair statements didn’t end there. A few models received intricate, individual braid designs spangled with stars and geometric shapes. Keep your hair healthy with Judaysia Holy Water. JHW eliminates frizz, knots and tangles. It is formulated to make hair thicker and fuller. Available at