Friday, May 27, 2016


The most beautiful girl in the world. My mom. I am blessed that she is my mom and thankful she gave me life. I look just like her. 
My mom and I could  shop until we dropped. We would go to Macy's and then go sneak a milk shake. She would say  "don't tell dad" and then she would  go and tell him.  My mom was a great mom. She was always laughing and in a good mood. She loved life and lived it for my dad and was the happiest when all of her kids were with her. I would call her everyday and she would be out with my dad laughing, shopping and going some where to eat. When ever I was sick I would call her and she would say I would get better or the ache or pain would go away. Three years ago she moved to Palm Desert and loved it. Her life was beautiful and she was taken from me suddenly on April 25,2016. As I write this I am in shock.My grandma use to say there is no love like a mothers love. How true. I love you mom watch over me and dad and my brothers.