Saturday, August 01, 2015

Instant Face Lift


Like a white shirt or a great pair of jeans, ponytails never go out of style. A pony can be worn at any age. The right height- the one that signifies good taste is mid to low, hitting at the occipital bone, at the base of your head just before the neck. .The Duchess of Cambridge’s pony hits the sweet spot every time. Summer ponies showed up on the runway at every major show.  At Gucci, effortless ponies looked as if the models had done them. Calvin Klein brought the style into fashion in the mid-nineties and it is still a house that reinvents them. If you wish you were younger and taller a pony does it. The Croydon Facelift has evolved into a style that not only lifts the face it also adds inches to your height.  To Get The Look: Pull your hair back into a mid-height ponytail, take a little Judaysia VS Shaper Hairspray and smooth the sides with your hands to create tightness. It immediately lifts the outer edges of the eyes. Carefully tease out hair from the top, it slims the whole face. Judaysia VS Shaper available at