Monday, March 09, 2015

Hair Loss

Regrow Your Hair
Millions of women and men have hair loss. This condition can be debilitating for some. Now there is a space age helmet that helps your hair to grow. The Theradome LH 80 developed by former NASA scientist Tamim Hamid who suffered from thinning hair himself. The device uses cool laser technology to mimic biochemical hair growth- meaning it penetrates the hair shaft to repair the damaged tissue that can lead to hair loss. It wakes up dormant follicles and makes existing follicles bigger to stop hair loss. The video on their web site gives you in depth details. The technology is so advanced you can control the helmet from your iPhone and voice technology tells you how many treatments you have had. The laser is easy to use, just twenty minutes two times a week. It takes about four months to see new hair growth.