Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Become A MakeUp Artist

On Set
Make-up is fashion. Every season it changes and updating our faces has never been so much fun. The Makeup and Fashion Academy  in Canoga Park is one of L.A.'s
full in house facilities.  Students work with photographers on set so they can see their makeup under the production lights and through a camera lens.This state of the art studio builds their  portfolio as they go.I do not know any other beauty profession to offer this: the one tool to get you a job. The Makeup and Fashion Academy is owned by Barbara Layne, Hollywood's most sought after A-list image maker. Her resume reads like a who's-who in the industry. The walls of her studio are lined with stars. Barbara teaches hands on artistry. Like a fine Renaissance painter she teaches you the secrets to bone structure sculpting. With this you can make any face glamorous and beautiful.  Mastering her technique begins with the proper brushes and how to hold them. Her courses take you from the workshop to work life in a flash. There is no other profession that takes a short time to learn and pay so well. You can complete a course in four weeks.  Make-up artist's rule the Runway season after season. They work with stylists and do celebs for Red Carpet events. Many celebs have their own personal make-up artist. You could become one of them. Commercials , movies, musicians all hire make-up artists. You can build your own business and have a specialty like brides and special occasion for example.  There is plenty of work to go around. Barbara's students are in high demand her students are offered jobs on a daily basis. The insiders know her students have the skills and know how because they were trained by her. Contact The Makeup and Fashion Academy 818-905-0828. Inquire about courses or treat yourself to a make up session with one of her students. Classes are very small, three or four people.