Monday, July 16, 2012

Anne Hathaway and Terri Hatcher

Short Hair.
Before you cut off all your hair consider your features.The haircut on Anne Hathaway is not flattering.
We saw this in my earlier post with Terri Hatcher.
Clearly, Anne's  ears have become the focal point of her face. I also noticed the cut on her and Terri Hatcher have made their mouths look exceptionally wide.
A haircut frames the face and gives you a look. It should always make you look beautiful.
Some  hairdressers are  artists. They have their own style. Your hair is their canvas. Your body and head are the size of the canvas. A cut should  balance the features and it does not have to be symmetric or precision to balance.
Terri Hatcher's hair looks flat and dirty. Anne's hair could use some product.
The two ladies above need a new hairdresser.