Thursday, June 28, 2012

Short Hair

Before You Cut Your Hair.
Length in a hair cut is one of the most important elements. Length can make your face look wider or longer. It can make your nose bigger or smaller.
Your hair frames your face. When considering a haircut look at where the light is going to be focused on your features.
As we age we need to soften the lines on our face and neck. Longer hair can be a woman's and a man's best friend.
Men with big ears look best with some hair over the top of their ears. Unless of course, you are going to shave your head and make your big ears a statement.
Flat ironed hair can make your head look big. Flat ironed hair is tired hair. Hair should move and breathe. I like to use the flat iron to soften and relax curl or too much frizz. Some grey hair can be so frizzy.
Talk to your hairdresser. Ask. What would this length do to my features. Take pictures and try on some wigs to see different lengths on your face.