Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Vidal Sassoon

When you look up hairdressing in the dictionary you see a picture of Vidal Sassoon. He is what hairdressing is all about. He is an artist. He changed the way women wore their hair which changed their lives. Like the Beatles changed the world, so did Vidal Sassoon.

I was fortunate to meet him at an art opening in Beverly Hills at the Gagosian Gallery. I said OMG there’s Vidal Sassoon. I was with my brother Tom and my boyfriend Bob. Bob went over and introduced himself and the next thing they are talking and laughing. I went over, Bob introduced us, and I immediately fell in love. He is warm, charming, everything you think he could be. He was so unpretentious, easy to talk to and had the best sense of humor. He gave us his autograph.

He was so well groomed. He had a tan which gave him a healthy glow. He was dressed in Prada from head to toe.In fact,he looked like he did in this picture with Mia Farrow. To be eighty years old and still look good. His wife was beautiful,too.

When I returned to the salon I was telling my client’s I met Vidal Sassoon. Gerrie Dean was there and she said. “Did you tell him I said hi? He did my hair years ago. He put blonde streaks in it so it would show up on television.” Gerrie was a singer in the sixties.

I developed hair cutting techniques from hairdressers who developed techniques from Sassoon. He changed my life. I was blessed to meet him.