Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teasing Your Hair

Ask Judaysia,
Dear Judaysia,
What is the best way to tease my hair? I want it to look sexy and full especially when I go out at night. Thanks, Helena
Dear Helena,
One of the best ways to tease your hair is with a very wide tooth comb. The comb you use after shampooing to get the tangles out. The wider the better. I like the ones with a handle they are easier to use.

The new look is teased but a little messy. The big teeth keep your hair from frizzing.
The comb creates a gentle cushion at the scalp.
Start in the crown area or just below. Hold your strand vertical. Take your comb, start at the ends and its like grating cheese, gently comb hair down toward the scalp. Use your fingers to make hair piecy or just smooth over with your comb. Always use Judaysia VS Shaper Spray to finish.