Friday, July 24, 2009

Short Hair

Attracting the Opposite Sex.
Recently I came across an article in the Elle magazine. A woman cut her long hair short and suddenly found she had lost her sex appeal. She parted ways with her boy friend and men were not attracted to her. She found admiration among women and gay men for her daring do.
According to her article men do not like short hair on women.
Sometimes women miss the point when they cut their hair short. Just because it looks good on someone else it does not mean it will look good on you.
Short hair should flatter your features.
Are you someone who will take the time to style your hair? Do you know how? Your face has now become the focal point of your body. Your chin, neck and body shape should be considered when choosing a short hair cut. Short hair is not forgiving.
From what I can see of the before and after of the author none of the above was considered.
Halle Berry and Sharon Stone are two of the prettiest women to ever wear short hair. Men find them very sexy.
They chose haircuts to flatter their features.Their hair is styled with product.
Before you cut off all of your hair try on some short hair wigs. Consider your hair type.
The comb over the author chose with the deep side part does not spell sexy. She is into dating men not women or gay guys.