Thursday, July 19, 2007


Layering can create fullness and add dramatic movement to a bob.
The style on the left has the weight of the haircut at the bottom along with a full heavy fringe. The style on the right has the weight at the top giving it height and volume. The eyes are also accented by a full heavy fringe.
Each haircut can be cut with the scissor or razor depending on the hair texture. Both are great for fine, straight hair. To get the look at the right spray Judaysia Thic on to towel dryed hair. Use a big round boar brush to flick up the ends. Roll the top under and the fringe toward the face. Set dry hair with large velcro rollers on top. Spray rollers with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray or any shaping spray. Never use a wet hairspray, it will undo all of your work and make the hair sticky. Heat the rollers up with your blow dryer and let them cool. Take them out and shape your hair with your fingers. Give it another spray with your Shaper.
The look on the left can be achieved by applying Judaysia Mousse or Rusk Mousse to towel dryed hair. Blow dry with a paddle brush or a big round boar brush.
Run some styling paste through your fingers and apply for definition. Finish with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray. Your hair should move. It should never be stiff which is why Shaper Hair Sprays are so important. They are working sprays. Some work better than others. Judaysia VS Shaper, Thic and Mousse are available at Rusk is available at most fine salons