Friday, August 31, 2007

Ageless Beauty Jane Fonda

Ageless Hair
What makes the women of Hollywood look so good? Hair.
Jane Fonda is 70 years old. Seventy has never looked so good. She is living proof that women can still be sexy at seventy. She looks amazing. Yes you can say she has had work done. But that is not the point in my Ageless Beauty Ageless Hair series. I am showing women that a great haircut and color can make all the difference. We have all seen women who have had work done but still wear their hair in the same old style they wore thirty years ago. It makes them look like the work they had done was a waste of time. Women can get great looking hair. She has her hair styled into a look that is very trendy. It has been highlighted to enhance her skin. She can wear her hair short.This is an easy style to care for. Regular hair cuts keep it fresh and easy. She can even grow it a little longer and it will look just as good.
To Get The Look: Hair is longer in the back. It has been layered. To style: Flip the ends of the hair up around the perimeter. Blow dry the rest of the hair under. Bangs go forward. You can use velcro rollers on the top. Fluff the hair out with your hands and spray with a shaper hairspray. Have your hair highlighted.Here it is shown with chunky highlights.My book Style Your Hair shows step by step how to blow dry and use velcro rollers. Hair styling products are available at