Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Layered Bob

With beauty in the all nude mood this season, the focus is firmly on hair and the boldest look is a short bob. Keep the classic shape modern with choppy layers and a brow skimming fringe.
This whole look was replicated in the salon last week. First the hair was colored with a rich red blended with shades of sherry, flame, and oak on my clients hair. It had been previously streaked so we left out a few pieces around the face. After the colour was washed off I did an overlay of a bright flame red. It gave the hair the color wash seen in the photo and it also shaded the blonde highlights to the desired hue. Then I cut her hair using the Volumtechnics method for shaping and volumizing. I chopped in layers without slithering and cut the heavy fringe. It looked fantastic. My client had a long narrow face and it gave her face width and made her shoulders look very sexy. It balanced perfectly with her body. She found the picture on the cover of Short Styles magazine. It is always a good idea to take pictures into your hairderesser, especially if you are a first time client. This gives the hairdresser a chance to see what you have on your mind. If you have the hair for the look , you can adjust it to suit your texture, face shape and body.