Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Bra Comfort

The Bra Secret

The Bra Secret
Discover The Bra Secret     All Day Comfort      Lift Your Breasts
Prevent Irritation and Rashes   Absorbs Perspiration.
Every woman wants to know The Bra Secret. The amazing new Bra Secret lifts your breasts to give all day comfort and prevent irritation and rash. The Bra secret is soft 100% cotton inserts that  keep skin from touching skin under your breasts where irritation, perspiration and rash occurs. You deserve to be comfortable and wear your bra all day. Get instant all day relief from underwire and elastic.  You will forget you have your bra on.  No bulk, bunching or slipping. The Bra secret stays in place. Undetectable under clothing. Get all day comfort. Use anywhere skin touches skin. Great in a sports bra to absorb perspiration.
 Easy to use. Put on your bra and adjust your cups. Simply  lift your breast and insert The Bra Secret under your breasts. Keeps skin from touching skin. The straight edge lies against your chest under your breasts. The rounded edge goes under the  cup or wire. Instantly gives comfort from underwire. Machine or hand wash.  Lie flat to dry. Made in USA.  “ I can’t live without them”. 9.99 a pair plus 2.00Shipping
Available in beige, white, black or leopard. 100% cotton. Super soft heavy weight. Double ply.
Limited Edition. Blue and Grey 100% cotton knit.  Soft sexy lighter weight. Double ply.Order at Judaysia.com Boutique Or Call 818-397-8561        Patent pending

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hair Loss And Thin Hair

Lock It In
Hairstylist Judaysia has developed a hair care range to bolster and thicken thinning hair, a confronting issue for many women. The products available in the past to treat hair loss appeared medicinal and not very user friendly. Here are some tips on handling this problem.
 Be aware of conditioning cleansing products and oil based hair care that can leave a film on your scalp. Wash your hair every day. Sometimes it is a clogging of the pores or poor blood circulation that can affect hair loss. Washing your hair and drying it stimulates the scalp and that is a good thing. Blow drying isn’t the cause of hair loss. Judaysia Naturceutical Hair Care is for home use and features natural caffeine and horsetail research has shown to thicken hair.Available at judaysia .com

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sharon Stone

Sexy Over Fifty
Sharon Stone at Cannes. Sexy in Emilio Pucci mini dress and gold heels. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blake Lively at Cannes

Blake Lively compliments her Gucci gown with a beautiful braid. Seen on the red carpet at Cannes. Hair L'Oreal  Paris.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fine Hair

California Dreaming
Seventies  influence for long fine hair. Let it grow.
This look from Pringle.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Beauty Clips

Read The Beauty Clips on Judaysia.com. Get the seasons new looks and how to wear them. Judaysia takes you from the runway to the street with up to the minute hair, fashion, beauty, bags,  accessories, chic eats and so much more. Shop the Boutique on Judaysia.com for bags and one of a kind Judaysia Malibu Beach Wear. Add The Beauty Clips.com to your mobile or i-pad and read it on the go. Get sexy thicker hair at Judaysia.com

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hair Color For Summer

Shaded Hues.
In a season of vibrant color in every shade of the rainbow, hair color was very quiet. Mixed hues of blonde, brown, black and red were “antiqued” to contrast the new season’s brightly colored collections. Gone were obvious bold streaks and crazy color hair. Blending hues of the same shade gave models hair the high street look.Visit your hairdresser and have your hair color shaded. This is a great way to wash away the grey without being a slave to touch-ups. Hair: Alberta Ferretti S/S 2014.