Sunday, October 20, 2019

Moschino Hair Makeup

Backstage Beauty
Moschino served up bright paint-splotched chignons for spring. Inspired by the traditions of Picasso’s native Spain, Julien d’Ys crafted Spanish-style chignons. Each model either wore a custom wig or had their hair parted down the middle, twisted at the base of the neck, and pinned into a voluminous knot. But that was only the beginning of his idiosyncratic homage: the stylist administered strokes of paint in shades of red, pink, blue, green, and yellow down the hair for a “touch of color.” Offsetting the shocks of pigment, makeup artist Kabuki sought to evoke Picasso in a minimalistic way by saturating the lips in MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid lip color in the cult red shade Feels So Grand and tracing on black negative-space liner in thin, extended wings. Imbuing perennial classics with painterly accents, the Picasso beauty brought an imaginative, all-encompassing surrealism to Milan. Visit Judaysia at

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Haircut for Fine Thin Hair

Chop and Change
Try a new short style for the season ahead.  Length on top gives
 short hair extra fullness. Hair color also helps to plump up the volume.
Thicken every strand with Judaysia Explode. Made with the most advanced cell rejuvenating antioxidants to promote growth and help stop fallout. Organic plants and flowers rejuvenate limp, thin, locks.  
Available at

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Shag Haircut for Fine Hair

The Shag
The catwalks saw the return of some hairstyle classics – from long plaits and low ponytails to simple center partings and elegant hair accessories – all re-imagined with modern twists. Barrettes, brooches, and slides adorned simple half-up hair styles. The center part was everywhere straight down the middle. Disco waves were full and frothy at Michael Kors. Think Jerry Hall. However, the standout was the return of the shag hair cut at Louis Vuitton. A modern take on the shag with soft layers, long fringe, and lots of volume. The low maintenance cut is great for wavy, curly, fine, and straight hair. Have your haircut with Volumtechnics by Judaysia to build body into fine, limp, and thin hair. Write Judaysia at

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Head Band

Style Icon

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy possessed a unique ability to make the most humble pieces covetable. Her beauty choices were reflected in the way she dressed, with luminous blonde hair, often slicked back into an unfussy chignon or ponytail offset with a plastic Alice band or otherwise left to tumble down her shoulders, framing a make-up free face. Her style has left its mark on fashion, copied by Megan Markle.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Mens Hair

 Luscious Locks

Long locks made a welcome return on the Men’s Spring / Summer 2020 runway. Undone, loose, and relaxed was the look. Medium length to super long has a fresh modern feel. Men desperately need a new look, the current faded sides seen on the street makes them look like egg

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Fringes are back with a bang this season. Micro-bangs sitting an inch above the brows are this season’s beauty stand-out. At Oscar de la Renta they ran the gamut from ultra-short and shiny to long and wispy, while at Miu Miu shaggy pixie bangs ruled the runway. Not ready for short? Stay on the fringe between side swept and full- blown bangs by leaving enough length to just dust your lashes. Keep your fringe from splitting with Judaysia Your Highness. Wrap your fringe around a big boar brush mist it with Your Highness, give it a blast of heat, and bang- full, thick, shiny, bangs. Available at

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Big Hair

Pump It Up
Volume, volume, volume. A return to glamour this season with full blown sexy hair. Flat is out volume is in. To get the look: Use Judaysia Explode to give fine, flat, hair loads of volume without being sticky or stiff. Available at