Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great Hair Now: Long

Jeans aren't the only thing getting skinny this season. Hair is now being micro shaded. Long brunette hair, so soft and beautiful as shown on Jenny (at right) has been lo lighted with hints of chestnut, oak, and hickory. All shades have been custom blended by Judaysia. Long, choppy, loose layers were done with Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology the volumizing technique Judaysia created to build body into fine hair. Her heavy bang is right on trend. Jenny's hair stays beautiful for months. Volumtechnics keeps the shape longer allowing the hair to grow without becoming stringy or weak. She keeps her color shiny and her hair healthy by using Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo and Judaysia Thic. She styles her hair dry with a big round white boar brislte brush. It is easy and fast. Jenny also lets her hair air dry and then she flattens it with a ceramic flat iron.
I only use my own haircare products because I know what is in them.So when I am teaching you how to style your hair I am telling you what I use to get the look. They are made with botanical ingredients in small batches. Products should wash out of your hair leaving it soft and healthy. There should be no evidence of residue left in the hair like a fragrance, or build up on the hair. I use to use professional products developed by hairdressers.They are not professional products any more. Now most of them have been sold to big organizations and cheapened. Almost all of them are available in the drug store. Thay are not the same quality that they use to be. I have found Nexxus is still the same formula. I like John Freida's products. He really has a nice line for frizz and curl that smooth and straighten the hair. So I do use and recommend products that are quality. I really don't care where they are sold as long as they are good for our hair and skin. I do not beleive we should have to only purchase our products at the salon. Now we can buy quality products on-line. I do not make products that flatten hair. I am all about volume and thickening the hair. I work with a chemist and a holistic herbal practioner to develop products for health hair and scalp. To learn more about my haircare please visit