Monday, October 22, 2007

Thin Hair

Kate Moss
Fine, thin hair can be so fashionable.A hairstyle for fine hair or thin hair can actually make your hair thicker. Kate Moss's haircut makes her fine hair look thicker. This is the new bob update with the heavy fringe shown in the Chanel Monte Carlo Collection for Fall 07. I love the heavy fringe because it rests at the top of the cheek bone giving a very youthful look to the face. Long layers give more volume and movement to fine hair. When fine, thin hair is cut too short it just seems to die and stick to your head. It needs length to come alive. Volumtechnics haircutting builds body into fine,thin, and limp hair. It gives hair new life.
Volumtechnics makes the hair thicker by building support and weight where the hair needs it most. Any type of hairstyle can be worn as long as it is not too short. Length is needed to build volume. When you have length you can add on a hairpiece creating diffent looks. You can also wear your hair up, or in a pony. I almost always show fine hair on my posts. I am all about making hair thicker with my Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology and my Judaysia Haircare Thickening System. Today's top models and movie stars have fine hair. It is really the most versatile of all the hair types. I love it, and I love cutting, colouring and styling fine and thin hair.